Prowind final report to be submitted soon

Things are moving steadily forward for the South Branch Wind Farm project. Submitting the final report to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) is Prowind Canada’s next step.

On March 13th, Rochelle Rumney, Environmental Coordinator for Prowind, reported that while the company had expected to have the final report submitted by early March, “it will be closer to the end of the month.”

Rumney gave a brief explanation of the process following submission of the final report for the South Branch Wind Farm: “The MOE will review the application within 40 days of our submission and determine if it is ‘complete’. Once that has been established, it will be posted on the EBR (environmental registry) and the 30 day review period begins.”

Tracking the progress of the final report can be done by going to The public can submit comments and opinions about the report to the MOE once the 30 day review period has begun.

According to Rumney, “we will notify the public by way of newspaper ad once that review period begins.”

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