Principles for township procurement policy

“We’ve talked about being open and fair so much that we thought we should go back and look at our procurement policy,” said Clerk Brenda Brunt at the March 6th South Dundas council meeting.

Brunt presented council with a recommendation to amend the procurement policy in an effort to “change some of the wording to ensure it was an open, fair, and transparent process.” 

Council agreed. Councillor Archie Mellan said, “I think it’s a very good document.”

The submitted report stated that seven “principles will be upheld to ensure the process is objective, accountable and fair.”

The principles are as follows: 

• “The underlying concept of procurement shall be to obtain the best quality of goods or services at the lowest possible price;

• The process shall be fair and the policies shall apply equally to all bidders;

• Procurement decisions shall be made in an unbiased manner without influence of personal preferences, prejudices or interpretations;

• Purchasing ethics, or moral principles or code, shall be respected and followed by personnel who are responsible for buying goods or services;

• There shall be clarity and disclosure in arriving at procurement decisions;

• Environmentally friendly procurement shall be encouraged, as will group purchasing across departments, with other municipalities and/or organizations, when beneficial and practical;

• The lowest or any tender shall not necessarily be accepted due to non-compliance with criteria set in the tender document.”

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