Morrisburg skaters solid at EOSIC

The Morrisburg and District Figure Skating Club was represented by three skaters at the Eastern Ontario Starskate Invitational Competition (EOSIC) in Belleville, February 25-26.

The three, Trina Dykstra-MacPherson, Kristyn VanHoof and Teisha Mullin all gained some valuable experience at this competition which sees the best skaters in Eastern Ontario on the ice.

Of the three skaters, Trina was the ‘new kid on the ice’, in her first trip to EOSIC, while it was Mullin’s second trip to EOSIC and VanHoof’s third.

Trina skated at the Pre-Preliminary Ladies level and according to her coach Louise Dimmick, “Tina’s great flow and springy jumps helped her to earn a third place finish in her flight to advance to the semi-finals where she also skated a solid, well-executed  program.”

Trina’s program included six jump elements and two spins.

“Her seventh place result in the semi-final, though not enough to move on to the final, was certainly a great accomplishment,” said Dimmick.

Of her first EOSIC experience, Trina says, “When I first got on the ice, I was nervous. But then I wasn’t too nervous. Since it was my first time, I thought I did really good.”

Also coached by Dimmick, Van Hoof moved up a level to skate in the Preliminary Ladies category in her third EOSIC competition.

“As one of the younger competitors at this competition, Kristyn skated a strong program in her flight to place third and move on to the semi-finals,” said Dimmick.

For the semi-final, Kristyn skated a personal best performance. “She landed six jump elements, including two single axels (1.5 rotations in the air), and executed two very nice spins with power and lots of personality.”

Her semi-final skate gave her a 10th place finish.

“With their results in the semi-final, both girls would be ranked in approximately the top 20 in their respective categories at this competition which is an excellent result,” said Dimmick. “I’m very proud of how hard they worked to prepare for EOSIC this year and am very pleased with their skating and efforts throughout.”

Coached by Allison Scott, Teisha Mullin skated at the Junior Bronze level.

Teisha’s two minute program, skated to the Disney soundtrack ‘Epcot’, included six jump elements, three spins and a footwork sequence

At the Junior Bronze level there were six flights and Teisha was in the first flight where she skated to a third place finish out of 13 skaters to go on to the finals.

“Teisha had a great skate,” said Scott of her third place finish. “She completed two axels, a double salchow and had a great ‘pike’ spin.”

In the final, Teisha ended up in 11th place out of 18 skaters.

“Again, it was an awesome skate,” said Scott. “Once again she completed both axels, a double salchow and she even attempted her double loop!”

“This was very exciting, and we were both so pleased with her results. EOSIC is always a tough competition, and I was very proud of how Teisha rose to the occasion, performed under pressure and skated consistently having two great skates.”

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