Letter: Freedoms taken away

Dear Editor,

We have had for many years in our country, Canada, had loads of freedom. Too many to list here. 

As of late we are having those freedoms taken away from us through our present Federal Government. One through the spy fiasco as to our freedom of speech on the internet. Now the government is trying to take away the freedom of the Elections Canada to properly investigate the wrong doings of one of the parties in power, to take away the freedom for us to vote without any hindrance. 

It is evident that the powers in control of the present government are trying to stall and even disallow Elections Canada do its job properly by not allowing it to expand the investigation.

There are constant demands by the opposition parties to have the Conservatives show the rest of Canada that it was not their party that did the dastardly deed of robo-calling. 

Even after accusing the opposition of doing the deed and then when they came clean the present Leaders still stall by sounding like a broken record.

One would think that Mr. Del Mastro should know the words he is going to speak by heart. But no he still has to read them from a piece of paper, no doubt the one the PM gave him, just in case the PM has inserted another word or two  to try to dissuade the Opposition from trying to get to the bottom and let Canada know who the culprits were.

I would imagine this will go on for some time, and I hope the Opposition will not let it drop. Some papers have kept this important news in the headlines. 

Our public radio has decided to drop this news from most of their news broadcast in lieu of headlines about the fiasco down south concerning their election for a leader in the Republican party. It seems almost likely that the Government has asked them to lay off broadcasting the story.

This is the very first time in our history that anything of this nature has happened. I am just waiting for the PM to pirogue the parliament! Is that next?

 David Taylor,

 Williamsburg On.


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