Morrisburg Curling – Susan McIntosh wins at Russell

Saturday saw three teams of women from the Morrisburg Curling Club in Russell for their open bonspiel.

In the early draw were Alice Thompson, Greta McGann, Sharon Van Allen and Kathy Norg. Alice’s team knocked off the Winchester foursome in the morning, enjoyed lunch–perhaps a little too much, and lost their afternoon competition to a strong young Prescott team. 

We had two teams in the late draw: Betty Locke, Kathy Hardy, Cheryl Thompson, and Janie Connolly. Betty’s team beat Navan in the morning and dropped a match in the p.m. against Carleton Heights by a single point. 

Our final team was Susan McIntosh, Wendy Casselman, and Claire and Paula Locke. They won their morning match over R.C.M.P. and in the afternoon defeated a team from the Ottawa Curling Club. The points earned were close, but Susan’s foursome won the overall title for the day. First and second place teams were cash winners, while the also-rans made selections from the prize table.

The ladies sat down to a fine evening meal, while men in white shirts and bow ties plied them with wine. It was a fine day’s work by all of our curlers.

Playoffs were needed to select Morrisburg’s senior men’s champion for the final Parnell competition this year. Three teams challenged for the one opening and Martin Schneckenburger won the bye, forcing the other two teams to play for the right to face him for the honour. 

Sid Morrell, Raymond Benoit, Neil Williams and Al Harriman lost to Peter Zeran, Jack Dikland, Karl Duncan and Earl Jeacle in the playoff. Accordingly, Peter’s team took on Martin Schneckenburger, Mahlon Locke, Andy Patenaude and Dave King for the championship. 

In a hard-fought match, Pete’s team won the final, and earned the right to represent the Morrisburg club for the final Parnell competition of the year.

     On Friday, Pete’s foursome drove to Lancaster and did battle with Cornwall, the eventual winners of the Parnell Trophy. After their morning defeat, Morrisburg’s afternoon opponents were the host team, Lancaster, who had also lost in the morning. It was another loss for our fellows, so congratulations to Cornwall, who will keep the trophy warm for us until the fall.

    The Sullivan, another two-team, four-club competition for senior men, is being hosted by Winchester. Morrisburg, Metcalfe and Russell will attend. 

Again, there are three teams vying for the right to represent Morrisburg. Peter Zeran, George Rutley, Karl Duncan and Earl Jeacle beat Martin Schnckenburger, Dave King, Andy Patenaude and Jack Dikland on Saturday in a close match. Since we are allowed only two over-70 teams to represent us, Martin’s fellows will play Sid Morrell’s team on Tuesday, and the winner goes to Winchester today, Feb. 15, along with Peter Zeran’s foursome, for the Sullivan Bonspiel.

Friday, our funspiel was on in the morning. The teams played two six-end games each, with rotating skips, and prize money for the winners. The team of Greta McGann, Wally McDonald and Paul Gunther won their early match against Ron Brown, Wayne Pulfer and Peter Byvelds. Tied in their game with Rick McKenzie, Arnold Barkley and Bud Perry were Andy Patenaude, Keith Robinson and Denis Thibault.  In their second games, Greta’s team won a tight match over Rick McKenzie’s warriors to take first place, and finishing second with their p.m. win were Rick McKenzie, Arnold Barkley and Bud Perry. The curlers enjoyed lunch afterwards. Thanks for organizing things, Glen.

That’s it for this week, Good Curling.


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