Sunday movie in South Dundas with McDonell


Jim McDonell, MPP for Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry, attended the February 5th screening of Windfall, a documentary shown at DC Community Centre in Dixon’s Corners, sponsored by the South Branch Wind Opposition Group (SBWOG). 

While agreeing that division of communities is a major and negative issue facing rural Ontario landscapes targeted by the wind energy industry, McDonell’s main concern is with what the Green Energy Act is costing all Ontarians.

“We don’t believe the Green Energy Act is smart. Economically it makes no sense. We are overpaying for electricity.”

“When you look at the big picture,” he continued, the McGuinty government “went ahead without any business plan being done.”

McDonell referred repeatedly to the Auditor General’s Report which highlighted the ways in which the Green Energy Act has failed Ontario.

“It’s time to stop and look at the cost and see whether it makes sense to proceed.”

According to McDonell, he and his colleagues have been “advocating” that municipalities have their power returned to them. “Everything has been taken away,” he said, referring to the Green Energy Act which removes any power or voice municipalities once had concerning industrial wind turbines invading their rural communities.

Representatives from SBWOG will be meeting with McDonell on February 9th.

While he can’t do anything directly to help SBWOG, McDonell said that he intends to “take some of their concerns up to Toronto.” 

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