Broder & Big 4 curlers on the broom


Two big days of top-notch curling provided the action at the Morrisburg Curling Club on the weekend and when the last rock came to rest late Sunday afternoon, it was teams from Metcalfe and Winchester stealing the shows.

Both bonspiels involved two rinks each from the Russell, Winchester, Metcalfe and Morrisburg Curling Clubs.

In the ladies Broder Cup action on  Saturday, it was the two Winchester entries who claimed the wins.

The ‘A’ win went to the Winchester team skipped by Janet Lapier  The rink included Janet Levere, Janet Thompson and Rhonda Mark.

The Lapier rink kicked off the day by defeating Russell’s  Martha Stolk. In game two they defeated Morrisburg’s Susan McIntosh. 

Curling with McIntosh were Kathy Norg, Leanne McCooeye and Wendy Casselman. The McIntosh entry won their first game against Metcalfe’s Olivia Woods before being eliminated by Winchester.

For the final Winchester, met up with Greta McGann whose team members were Jenna Herrington, Cathy Hardy and Rachelle Eves.

The McGann team opened by knocking off Metcalfe’s Sue Stacey. They upended Russell’s Jill Miller in the semi-final to advance to the championship.

Lapier struck early in the final with a four point first end. Although McGann hung in, she was never able to recover from the deficit.

Winchester’s Tina Asselin skipped her rink to the B championship, by defeating Russell’s Martha Stolk. Team members were Mandy Peddle, Diane Spurr and Joyce Ouelette.   

In the Little Rocks ‘Big 4’ action, Sunday, it came down to the wire between the two Metcalfe teams, with the Ally Broadhurst team claiming the win. Curling for Broadhurst were Emma Lee, Kaitlyn Kennedy and Katie Broadhurst. They defeated their fellow Metcalfe rink of Jocelyn Taylor, Maren Cott, Caroline Taylor and Victoria Estrada

Representing Morrisburg were rinks skipped by Kaeghan Lowson and Calvin Scott. Curling for Lowson were Kendrew Byers, Ewan Wilson and Nolan Belanger. For Scott the curlers were Emily Poirier, Wyatt Jones and Jonathan Charette.

The B championship was won by Russell’s Allyson Harvey, William Manion, Sophie Denko and Martha Lewis. They defeated Winchester’s Kelsey Angel in the final.

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