Malawi: the warm heart of Africa


On November 27th, Pastor Duncan Perry of the Morrisburg Pentecostal Tabernacle, shared his life-changing experiences from his recent Mission Trip to Africa during a Sunday evening service.

Perry left for Africa this past October with his wife Sandra and 14 other like-minded individuals. They left Canada on October 12th, headed for the Village of Hope – Malawi, in Lilongwe, where they spent three weeks breathing in all things Africa through work, play, and prayer. 

The group of missionaries raised over $10,000, all of which went to the children in Malawi. The money was used to buy things like furniture for the dormitory they helped to complete.

In addition to personal items, each traveler was permitted one hockey-sized bag full of items on the airplane. The group carried along things like clothes, tools, food, Tim Horton’s coffee, and anything they thought might be needed by the village’s people.

In addition to finishing one of the dormitory buildings, including furnishing it, the group also did various repair jobs, painting, yard work, and other menial, but necessary, tasks.

Members of the group also helped in the schools, ministered, played with the children and socialized with the adults.

While Perry and his group accomplished much on the trip, there is still more to be done.

As for this article, he asked that the pictures focus on the children, not on him or his group because, as he said, “it’s about them.”

Listening to Perry talk about the children, about the village, and about the neighbouring towns causes a host of emotions to flow. While his appreciation and awe for the beauty of Africa shines through, it is also very clear that his heart has been deeply touched by the hardships and loss these young orphans face on a daily basis.

In September, prior to his trip to Malawi, Perry told the Leader that he expected his outlook on life to be drastically changed after the trip. As he will attest, he was right. 

Perry shared that knowing children are starving in another part of the world is different from seeing it first hand. He tears up each time he talks of the orphans who receive food only three days of the week.

He also spoke, in admiration, of their spirit, their love for God, and their unwavering belief in God despite the daily hardships they face. 

Perry encourages others to remember these children and to show compassion for their plight.

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