Municipal drains to receive some TLC

Several South Dundas municipal drains will be getting some much needed attention now that tendered bids for each of the jobs have been approved.

On November 15th, Manager for  Planning and Enforcement, Don Lewis presented council with work agreements for ten municipal drains asking that council approve the contracts.

Prior to this, municipal drain maintenance tenders were sent out for each drain separately to the following companies: Ault Excavating; Cruickshank Construction; Fawcett Brothers Excavating; Lloyd McMillan Equipment; and, Quintan Products.

Ault Excavating and Quintan Products tendered bids for each of the drains. Fawcett Brothers Excavating tendered a bid for the Howard Mellan Municipal Drain. No other companies submitted bids.

Quintan Products had the lowest bid for the Carkner Municipal Drain project at $38,485.66.

Ault Excavating held the lowest bids for the nine remaining projects, as follows:

Ault Munroe Municipal Drain for $13,482.19

Eva McIntosh Municpal Drain for $18,155.01

Lee McIntosh Municipal Drain for $8,546.83

Barkley Creek/ McKenzie Municipal Drain for $31,218.97

Van Moorsel Municipal Drain for $23,430.26

Glen Becker Municipal Drain for $14,411.26

Marcellus Municipal Drain for $30,420.16

Howard Mellan Municipal Drain for $7,127.28

Landon McInnis Municipal Drain for $11,248.56

Lewis gave a brief overview of each drain project in terms of the length in lineal feet as well as in terms of when the drain had last been maintained.

While the majority of the municipal drains hadn’t received maintenance in approximately 15 to 16 years, a couple of them have been waiting since the 1970’s and1980s.

Once completed, the land owners will be sent invoices to cover the cost of the work done. The province will pay one third of the cost for those drains located on agricultural land.

Council approved each of the contracts as presented.

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