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Council hit with unexpected costs

Like everyone else, even the township gets hit with unexpected costs now and again.

On October 4th, Don Lewis, Manager of Recreation, informed the South Dundas council that three of their roof top units for two of their buildings had been red-tagged by the gas company, meaning that the gas won’t be turned on until the heaters are replaced or fixed.

The Morrisburg Justice Building has two roof top units needing immediate attention. One, almost 20 years old, will be completely replaced. The other, only ten years old, will require only the heat exchanger to be replaced.

The remaining roof top unit in question is also close to 20 years old and can be found in Iroquois at the Civic Centre. This unit will be completely replaced.

A tender invitation is being advertised in this week’s papers.

In terms of financing the repairs, Treasurer Shannon Geraghty told council that there “are some potential items we’ve saved on this year” as well as “savings we could pull from.”

As Mayor Steven Byvelds pointed out, “things break unexpectedly.” He said that he agreed with Geraghty, “we should find savings out of the existing budget.”


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OPP arrests in South Dundas

On October 9th, SD&G OPP officers responded to a report of a family dispute on County Road 31, South Dundas Township.

The investigation revealed that a male threatened other family members that were in the residence.

The 24yr old male was arrested and faces charges of: Utter Threat to Cause Death or Bodily Harm; Utter Threat to Damage Property; Mischief Under $5,000; and, Possession Schedule II Cannabis Marihuana. He was held in custody pending an appearance in Cornwall court.

On October 10th, SD&G OPP officers responded to a report of a domestic incident on Strader Road, South Dundas Township. 

The investigation revealed that a female and her 34yr old common-law husband were involved in a verbal altercation that resulted in the male assaulting the female. 

He was arrested and faces charges of: Assault and Mischief Under $5,000. He was held in custody pending an appearance in Cornwall court.


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Bill C-292: putting victim rights over criminal rights

On September 28th, Guy Lauzon, Member of Parliament for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, tabled a private member’s bill, Bill C-292, An Act to amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act (victims’ restitution and monetary awards for offenders).

“Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to introduce an amendment to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act. This amendment will ensure that any monetary amount awarded to an offender pursuant to a legal action or proceeding be paid to victims and other designated beneficiaries,” said Lauzon in the House of Commons on September 28, 2011.

“This amendment ensures victims of crimes come first and criminals do not profit from their crimes. Just another example, Mr. Speaker, of this Government putting the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals.”


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Parlow road now open

The October 4th South Dundas council meeting brought news about two roads in the township. 

Parlow Road from County Road 4 to County Road 2 is open to the public as of October 5.

Manager of Public Works, Hugh Garlough proposed to council that the road be designated “an open, Public Highway, maintained year round.”

According to Garlough, the road work for Parlow Road was completed by Willis Kerr Contracting on September 20, 2011.

He put before council a by-law “to insure that the benefitting properties contribute in a like manner to the construction cost of this road extension.” The by-law was approved.

Now that Parlow Road is officially open, Deputy Mayor Jim Locke revealed that he is “glad this controversial matter is finished.”

Councillor Archie Mellan agreed, adding that he’s “glad to see it’s going to be fair.”

In other road news, the Doran Creek Subdivision road’s name is now officially Doran Creek Drive.

The proposal for the name approval came through Garlough who received the request from Henry Swank of Swank Construction.

According to Garlough, “no other township road name is associated with this naming request.” Council unanimously approved the request.


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Recreation centre devastated by fire

The Williamsburg detachment of the South Dundas Fire Department was called out to the Dunbar Recreation Centre at 2:45 a.m. on Saturday, October 8th only to find that the fire and the hall were too far gone for saving.

According to South Dundas Fire Chief Chris McDonough, “the building is a total loss.”

He told the Leader that the cause appears to be a wayward cigarette butt: “We’re thinking it’s the planter. A cigarette was disposed of in a planter at the front of the hall.”

He says that this was probably done on Thursday night during the election poll as this was the last night the building was in use.

When asked if it made sense for the fire to take so long to ignite, he said that because of the peat moss it probably “smouldered for quite some time” burning down before spreading to the building.

McDonough said that a similar situation recently occurred at the Iroquois Civic Center. A cigarette was discarded in a planter causing ignition. No damage was reported in that instance.

The fire in Dunbar also spread to a neighbouring garage door, but luckily it was spotted and fire fighters were able to extinguish the fire before any substantial damage could be done.

In terms of the Dunbar Recreation Centre, which is owned by the municipality of South Dundas, Manager of Parks and Recreation Don Lewis said nothing was salvageable.

The centre contained a kitchen, stage, dance floor, recently purchased tables, chairs and a storage room filled with supplies.

Lewis said that the building had recently undergone some changes with a new roof in 2008, as well as the addition of a handicap ramp in June 2011.

The centre is used frequently for baby showers, weddings, and even a weekly coffee club.

Lewis says it will be up to South Dundas council as to whether or not the building is replaced. He pointed out that the building was covered by insurance.


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South Dundas Children Inspect Fire Trucks and Find them Fun!

All three fire stations in the South Dundas Fire Department held open houses on Saturday, October 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. complete with tours, free souvenirs and barbecue munchies. Fire Chief Chris McDonough said the open houses were a a great success and that he’s “looking forward to doing it again next year.” At the Williamsburg location the local children were having fun climbing into, out of, and on the fire trucks. From all appearances, they were loving every minute of it. 


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Paving the path

It looks like people in Iroquois will have the good fortune of walking or biking on a smooth, nicely paved path this spring.

On October 4th, Don Lewis, Manager for Recreation and Facilities, updated South Dundas Council on the state of the Iroquois Walking and Bike Path.

The 2011 budget allotted $20,000 for repairs to the path. 

“The repairs consisted of removal of stones which had caused substantial heaving due to freeze/thaw cycles.”

Lewis and his crew completed the repairs “in-house” and according to Lewis, “we only spent $2,500 to $3,600 so we have a good chunk left.”

He requested that council give the go ahead to use the remaining funds to pave the path: “Due to the limited time remaining in the paving season, staff is requesting that Council approve the paving of the walking/bike path as long as the price to complete paving is within the remaining budget allocation.”

Lewis told council that he had “contacted some companies” and “if council wishes, we can go ahead and do the paving job and it will be in budget.”

Councillor Evonne Delegarde inquired as to the amount of path to be paved and, according to Lewis, “all of it” will be done leaving “nothing left to do.”

Council agreed and the Iroquois Walking and Bike Path will be freshly paved by H&B Contracting from Chesterville. Lewis told the Leader that, weather permitting, the company has agreed to be in Iroquois next week.

Councillor Jim Graham applauded Lewis and his staff saying it’s “efforts like that that’s left us with a surplus at the end of the year.”


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Seaway honours 2011 graduates

“Today is the beginning to a new chapter in our lives. Soon enough, each and every one of us will go forth in our own directions, seeking to make a mark in this world,” said valedictorian of the 2011 graduating class of Seaway District High School, Kendra Ward. 

Addressing over 70 fellow graduates in a beautifully decorated gymnasium over-flowing with families and friends of the graduates,  Ward reminisced about life in high school, hopes, dreams and forever memories. 

She thanked teachers, support staff and parents for their support and caring over four years. Her message to fellow grads observed that “we only live once, and opportunities are rare, so it is important to take advantage of these opportunities and live life to its fullest.

Liam Barkley was chosen as the most outstanding graduate by his fellow students. Andrew Zandbergen was awarded the Governor General’s medal for academic achievement. Teresa Palmer was presented with the Lieutenant Governor’s community volunteer award. Kendra Ward, chosen valedictorian by her class mates, was also the recipient of the board’s Character Always award. 

Nearly $40,000 in awards, scholarships and bursaries were presented at commencement.

Students achieving 90 per cent in six grade 12 courses, Liam Barkley, April vanDodewaard, Andrew Zandbergen and Michael Zandbergen, were named Seaway Scholars.  Barkley and vanDodewaard also tied for first in the overall proficiency awards, with Andrew Zandbergen placing second and Michael Zandbergen placing third. 

Other Awards

Jason Lee Hill Memorial Bursary – Sherry-Lynn Harbers

Iroquois-Matilda Lions International Award – Kelsie Chambers, Sherry-Lynn Harbers, Shelby Strader, Kristina Swank, April vanDodewaard

Swank Construction – Gareth Cochrane

Iroquois Legion Leonard Roberts bursary – Elyse Fournier

Iroquois-Matilda Lions Bursary – Jesse Swank, Kasey Swank

Iroquois Legion Bursaries – Kelsey Hall, Jesse and Kasey Swank

Robert Jackson Memorial Award – Jesse Swank

SD&G District Women’s Institute Scholarship – Kelsey Hall

Iroquois Masonic Lodge #143  Awards – Kelsey Hall, Drew Mattice

Tom Corden Memorial Award – Carley Lawlor, Drew Mattice

Crooke-Elliott Award – Drew Mattice

Madden Scholarship – Carley Lawlor

IOOF Williamsburg Lodge Bursary – Carley Lawlor

Chris Salmon Memorial Award – Devon Bonvie

Yvon Mayer Award – Devon Bonvie

Seaway Student Council Bursaries – Liam Barkley, Devon Bonvie, Cory Fowler, Jeremy Piamonte, Kendra Ward

Debbie Strader Memorial Bursary – Teresa Palmer

Nationview PS Bursary – Teresa Palmer

Mountain & District Lions Club Awards – Alison Harbers, Teresa Palmer

OSSTF Bursaries – Teresa Palmer, Jenna Yates

Pricedex Award – Jenna Yates

Ball Arts Scholarship – Alison Harbers

Morrisburg & District Arts & Crafts Award – Alison Harbers

Seaway Staff Bursaries – Alison Harbers, Sarena vanDodewaard

Seaway Admin. Awards – Alison Harbers, Sarena vanDodewaard

Beaupre Jewellers Award – Sarena vanDodewaard

Hugh Porter Memorial Bursary – Michael Zandbergen

Cameron Cluff Memorial Math. Award – Michael Zandbergen

Ont. Principals Leadership Award – Michael Zandbergen

Beavers Dental Awards – Taegan Mills, Michael Zandbergen

BMO award – Taegan Mills

25th Reunion Committee Scholarship – Jeremy Piamonte

PhotoVisions Bursary – Jeremy Piamonte

St. Lawrence Rebekah Lodge Bursary – Jeremy Piamonte

Morrisburg Leader Award – Jeremy Piamonte

Decker Award – April vanDodewaard

Evonik RohMax Award – April vanDodewaard

Loyal Orange Lodge Bursaries – Kelsie Chambers, April van Dodewaard

Former Williamsburg Legion Bursaries – Kelsie Chambers, Matthew Wilson

Randy Thompson Memorial Award – Matthew Wilson

St. Lawrence Medical Clinic award – Cassie Murphy

RCL Morrisburg Bursaries – Andrew Beatson, Cory Fowler, Curtis Fowler, Cassie Murphy

Capt. William Robinson Memorial Award – Andrew Beatson

Canadian Club Morrisburg & District Bursary – Andrew Beatson

Iroquois Fire Fighters Bursary – Brandon Foster, Sheila Gillard

St. Lawrence College Scholarship – Sheila Gillard

Ray John Barkley Memorial Bursaries – Sheila Gillard, Kasey Swank

Ronald Pitt Memoris Bursary – Kasey Swank

Williamsburg Recreational Bursary – Jessica Whitteker

Marsden & McLauglin Bursary – Amy Veltkamp

St.Mary/St.Cecilia Cath. Women’s League Bursary – Amy Veltkamp

William N. Crooke Memorial Bursary – Amy Veltkamp

Lion Harry van Moorsel Memorial Scholarship – Anthony Burke, Andrew Zandbergen

Scott Van’t Foort Memorial Bursary – Andrew Zandbergen

Seaway Admin, Award – Andrew Zandbergen

RCL Morrisburg Ladies’ Auxiliary – Kate Gervais

Lion Blake Cruickshank Bursary – Kate Gervais

IPS Parents Council Bursary – Janice Stevens

StockTransportation Awards – Cameron McIntosh, Janice Stevens

Lion Leland Van Allen Scholarship – Cameron McIntosh

Seaway Staff Bursaries – David Baird, Ryan Douma, Jacob Feht, Cameron McIntosh, Kristina Swank, Tanner Williams

Seaway Bursary – Tanner Williams

RBC  Awards – Ryan Douma, Tanner Williams

John Lortie Memorial Bursary – Ryan Douma

Lion Art Martelle Memorial Scholarship – Liam Barkley

Wayne Johnston Memorial Award – Liam Barkely

MPS Bursary – Liam Barkley

Township of S. Dundas – Liam Barkley

Fred Hill Ins. Bursary – Krista Thompson

Upper Canada Motors Bursary – Luke Whitteker

Brown’s Fine Food Award – Luke Whitteker

Storm Realty, Steven Iwachniuk Award – Kendra Ward

Whitteker Meat Market Bursary – Kendra Ward

Order of the Eastern Star, Chapt. #224 Award – Ryan Gilmer

Rooney Feeds Award – Alan Hofer, Jessica Hofer

Nation Valley Pork Producers Bursary – Alan Hofer

Sheldon Tryon Memorial Bursary – Alan Hofer

Weagant Farm Supplies Award – Jessica Hofer

North Mountain, South Mountain, Mountain Reunion Award – Anthony Burke

Kenneth Kirkby Memorial Bursary – Anthony Burke

Effie Prunner Memorial Award – Philip German

S. Williamsburg Township Recreational Bursary – Curtis Fowler

Cruickshank Construction Bursary – Jacob Feht

Ross Video Scholarship – Jacob Feht

Evan Mallette Memorial Bursary – Jacob Feht

Iroquois Amateur Radio Club Memorial Bursary – Jacob Feht, Dylon Hall

Ont. Power Generation Awards – David Baird, Dylon Hall

Sandra Primrose Memorial Bursary – David Baird

Seaway Admin. Award – Brandon Lizert

Doug Byers Furniture Award – Brandon Lizert

Currier Bursary – Matt Cromie

Student Success Bursaries – Krista Gallinger, Manal Hamadi, Chelsea Hummel, Sarah Keeler, Jazzy St. Denis

Annette Angus Awards – Manal Hamadi

Jamieson Award – Jesse Page

Ronald & Joyce Fader Memorial Bursary – Gurcharn Cheema

Light Up Your World Bursary – Cory Fowler, Kristina Swank

Ball International Development Award – Shelby Strader


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New principal at Iroquois Public

“This school has fantastic energy. I am deeply impressed with the staff keenness and relationships with the students,” said Kelty Grant, who has assumed her duties as the new principal of Iroquois Public School. “The children are really friendly. I go out in the yard and the kids are happy to see me and to talk to me. That stands out in my mind.”

For Grant, who grew up in Ingleside and attended Rothwell-Osnabruck, coming to Iroquois was a little bit like coming home. She is familiar with the area and with the Upper Canada District School Board for whom she has worked in teaching and administrative capacities since 1992.

Principal Grant received her B.A. at Queen’s University in Kingston, and took her teacher training at McGill University in Montreal. She began her career as an elementary/primary teacher. 

“My first five years in education were spent teaching at the Kanatakoa School, which is part of Awkwesasne, affiliated with UCDSB,” Grant said. “I taught kindergarten, grade three and grade five there and loved the experience. From there I went to Memorial Park, then to Morrisburg Public School where I taught part time.”

Later, Grant split her time between Vincent Massey and Viscount Alexander serving as a vice principal and an acting principal. She brings extensive classroom and administrative experience to her position at Iroquois.

Grant has a family with two children and two step-children and makes her home in Ingleside. 

Although she has only been principal since the late summer, Kelty Grant is delighted with the enthusiasm for teaching and for learning that she sees among teachers, students and parents.

She also praises the support of the custodial and secretarial staffs at the school. She laughed that custodians have already had to cope with wasps in the primary playground.

“IPS teachers have a deep focus on the curriculum,” she said. “They’re willing to experiment and to try different approaches to learning. I find that very progressive. I find they also have a lot of interesting ideas which they are very willing to share. That helps to move a school ahead.”

Grant is already looking forward to the first professional learning community at the school where the staff will examine EQAO results (out soon) and analyze on-going strategies for improvement. She is hoping that the school has succeeded in getting a PRO (Parents Reaching Out) grant  which will help set up a new program designed to help parents develop family literacy, to work with their children at home.

“I’m still getting to know the needs of the school, still discovering what teachers are seeing in their classrooms,” she said. “Then I will have a better idea in what directions to move.”

Grant is aware of some of the priorities at IPS, such as Take Home Reading Programs, the acquisition of more SmartBoards and the need for new playground equipment. Traditions like monthly assemblies, concerts and special events will continue. 

“The most important thing I believe is that every child can learn,” she said. “It’s my job to create an environment where that can happen. All subjects are important. You must develop the whole child.”


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Morrisburg Legion News

The general meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 12, at 7:30 p.m. in Fraser Hall. Please put this on your to-do list for this week. There are some very important decisions to be made. 

Keith Johnston will entertain in the pub on Friday, October 14, making a good ending to T.G.I.F. day. 

Sunday euchre will begin on October 16 at 1 p.m. Bingo on October 6 saw our regulars once again with players in the 70s. 

Our meat draw on the 9th was for a fresh turkey and was won by our own Lee Kelley. 

Memberships for 2012 are available at the bar. The early-bird draw will take place up to November 30, with prizes of $35, $20 and $15, possibly the price of your membership.

On October 3, D. Dillabough, M. Praine and G. Houze attended a seminar at the Rideau-Perley Veterans’ Home in Ottawa. Branch #48 has supported them with donations for several years. We were presented with a wish list for the veterans who reside there, and we are considering several items. This will come before the general meeting on Wednesday night. 

Six bursaries have been awarded this year, each for $500, to students furthering their education. The Poppy Campaign will be starting shortly and as usual, at this busy time, help is always needed. Please leave your name at the bar if you can spare a few hours. 

Many thank yous were read, among them ones from the SD&G Highlanders, the Children’s Treatment Centre, Scott Robertson for the Terry Fox committee, the Old Home Week committee and the Cornwall Hospice. Yes, this is where the money goes, as well as for repairs to this great building that we are so fortunate to have.  Others before us worked hard to accomplish this and we have to work hard to keep it in good repair. 

On the fun side, a pub crawl is being planned for October 22 and there will be a sign up sheet in the pub. 

Our next steak night is on the 28th with John Mason providing the entertainment, so yes, we do have fun too. 

Live well, love much, laugh often.