Changes to snow plow truck replacement in South Dundas

MORRISBURG – The Municipality of South Dundas is changing gears in its snow plow replacement plan.
The municipality planned to replace the oldest snow plow truck in its nine truck front line fleet, plow #68. Transportation Manager Jeff Hyndman offered a different recommendation after discussions with staff and the municipality’s mechanic.
“That unit is still holding well,” he told council at the April 22 meeting.
Unit #84, a 2014 single axle plow has a MaxxForce Engine and was due to be replaced in 2029.
“During its emissions testing, it ranked high, which is an indicator of something not being proper in it,” Hyndman continued. “It regenerates frequently and it is burning oil. Through conversations with the mechanic we decided that would be the prime candidate for replacement.”
The municipality had already gone to tender seeking two options, a Tandem Axle truck, and a Tri-Axle truck. Tandem Axle trucks are heavier and can usually haul two-to-three tonnes less material than a Tri-Axle truck. Many of the municipal snow plows are used in the summertime to haul material.
The report to council indicated that plow truck #84 had a MaxxForce engine which have known issues.
Councillor Thom Smyth emphatically agreed with staff recommendations to replace the truck. “Absolutely no issue at all getting rid of any truck with a Maxxforce engine in it,” he said.
Council agreed to the change in truck replacement priority, and award the tender.
The change in snowplow means an increased cost. The municipality budgeted $400,000 for the snow plow replacement. The approved tender for the new tri-axle snow plow was $449,950 plus net HST. The tender was awarded to Freightliner.
An addition to the purchase is a new Swing Blade, which will go on to a different snow plow, with the blade from that plow going on to the new truck. The new swing blade was awarded to GinCor Industries for $2,380 plus net HST.
Due to the supply chain issues and long ordering delays, the snow plow purchase is actually set for a 2025 delivery.

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