Recreation opportunities aplenty locally

Elena was one of the children fortunate enough to get one of the places available in the family cheer program which was new this year. Spaces for it and the summer camp programs, pictured above, fill up quickly. (South Dundas/Contributed)

MORRISBURG – Anyone looking for something to do in South Dundas has likely noticed that municipal recreation programming opportunities have grown by leaps and bounds recently.

Offering in the vicinity of 50 programs in 2023, “we are on pace to grow that this year,” said South Dundas director of parks, recreation and facilities for South Dundas David Jansen.

Not only are they seeing growth in the number of programs the municipality is able to offer, they are seeing huge growth in the number of program participants.

From January to April 2023, 375 people participated in the programs offered and this year over the same time period programs saw over 1,000 participants.

“It works out to 283 per cent growth in one year,” said Jansen.

Asked if she is surprised to see such growth, Melissa Friolet, South Dundas recreation coordinator said: “That’s been my goal.”

Having a background in recreation from her time in Vancouver she said, “I’ve seen what recreation can be.”

In this community, what is offered is dependent on finding instructors willing to share their skills and knowledge with others.

Friolet facilitates helping those instructors with the administration and facilities to get these programs up and running for the benefit of residents seeking various recreation and leisure opportunities and she encourages any potential instructors to reach out.

Having Friolet in that role is how this municipality chooses to support community recreation for its residents.

Those who participate in the classes pay sufficient registration fees to cover the cost of the instructor.

Jansen and Friolet are open to a wide variety of opportunities which are fully dependent on having instructors come forward with ideas and facilities for the various programs to take place.

A variety of fitness opportunities for all ages is only part of what South Dundas has to offer.

Technology for seniors, growing microgreens, cooking, cheer, kids summer camps and plenty more are available.

“Check us out. There’s lots offered. We’re always open to new ideas and to feedback from the community, because really this is all for the community,” said Friolet.

“If the community wants more recreation facilities here, having more programming and demand for programming is what drives that,” said Jansen.

Summer program registration opens May 27.

“Sign up early, so you don’t miss out,” said Friolet.

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