Residential land rezoning approved in Iroquois

SOUTH DUNDAS – A few dozen people attended Monday’s public meetings concerning future land use, but only a couple of area residents spoke out against rezoning Ontario Power Generation (OPG) owned land on the north side of County Road 2 adjacent to Grove Street in Iroquois.

The application is to rezone the bulk of the property from residential first density to residential fourth density for future residential development.

South Dundas’ planner Stephanie Morin suggested a strip of land just west of Grove Street remain as first density to make it a more compatible buffer to the higher density zoning designation. This would leave the land adjacent to the backyards on Grove Street the R1 density.

Tim Cassell said, “any future development will cost everybody. I don’t want to pay for some out of town developer to make a few bucks.”

Ray Davies, director of real estate services for OPG, who attended Monday’s meeting said: “We came with a proposal to rezone the property. We don’t know exactly the form of what will go on the property. That’s not OPG’s interest. Our interest is to provide new housing to this community that is supporting local business. That’s why we’re invested in this rezoning application tonight. If council is not supportive of the rezoning we will walk away. Our interest is to create new opportunities for housing in this community.” Davies continued: “There’s a huge housing problem in Ontario and NIMBYism is not a solution to housing in the province of Ontario. Looking at ways to provide affordable housing and diverse types of housing is needed.”

South Dundas deputy mayor Marc St. Pierre said that when developments take place, much of the infrastructure costs are borne by developers. “There is a greater cost to not developing,” he said. “We always have to look at ways of growing our tax base to relieve some of the burden.”

“I’m in favour of this rezoning,” said St. Pierre.

“This is just the rezoning. I’m in favour of this as long as the R1 designation is kept along Grove Street,” said South Dundas councillor Cole Veinotte. “I look forward to seeing what they come up with for a draft subdivision plan.”

Council unanimously approved the rezoning. “I’m looking forward to the next potential steps on that property,” said South Dundas mayor Jason Broad.

A public meeting for the Swank plan of subdivision was also held Monday. No one in attendance spoke out for or against the plan which will see eight town homes built with 32 units on land originally earmarked for three condos representing 48 units.

Council did not make a decision on this matter at the September 11 meeting.

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