Annual municipal raises approved by South Dundas council

MORRISBURG – Six months after having the awkward conversation and opting to give themselves, municipal staff and firefighters a 5.2 per cent cost of living wage increase, South Dundas council took steps to ensure that they won’t have to have that awkward conversation again.

At the July 10 regular meeting, council unanimously voted in favour of implementing an automatic yearly rate increase of between one and three percent based on the Consumer Price Index for Ontario.

The adjustment takes place January 1 every year.

The report and recommendation from South Dundas chief administrative officer Tim Mills recognizes that there may be years where CPI is not maintained. However council liked this option best of all the options presented.

Mills called this option “fair and transparent.”

He also pointed out that this policy mirrors that of the policy recently implemented by the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

“I like the one to three per cent avenue,” said South Dundas mayor Jason Broad.

“This takes out the guesswork. It’s clear,” said South Dundas deputy mayor Marc St. Pierre.

“It’s black and white. It’s the way to go,” said South Dundas councillor Tom Smyth.

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