North Dundas company finds a way to help in Ukraine

Pictured are some of the boxes of Thermohair socks and products that have made their way to support the effort in Ukraine. (Contributed)

SOUTH MOUNTAIN – As Russia’s war on Ukraine continues people often want to do something to help support the Ukrainian effort but are unsure what to do. The owner of a local company is stepping up and doing what she can.

Theresa Bergeron of South Mountain, who owns Thermohair Inc., explained that last November, as the weather was getting colder, she was thinking of the Ukrainians and the oncoming winter they are facing “with no electricity, heat or water due to the horrible unprovoked attacks from Russia.”

“We are so fortunate to have never experienced the horrors of war, seeing our houses blown to bits, our friends and neighbours maimed or killed, our houses and water supplies cut off and more,” said Bergeron.

With that in mind, Bergeron decided to do her little bit to help.

Her bit was to send some of the Thermohair products to frontline soldiers and displaced refugees within Ukraine.

Thermohair Inc. manufactures terry knit mohair socks and more. The mohair fibre is known for its softness, warmth, durability and insulating properties.

Bergeron looked for someone to help ship her warm Thermohair socks, toques and neck warmers to Ukraine and found Stepan of Comfort Shoes in Ottawa.

“Through him I donated four large boxes (hundreds of pairs) three for the soldiers and one for the women and children,” explained Burgeron.

“I have received pictures and limited videos from those who received them, so grateful to have warm clothes from a total stranger in another country,” she said.

“It’s only a drop in the bucket but with the help of individuals in the free world the drops would fill the bucket. The Ukrainians are suffering hardships solely because they want to be a free democracy, something that we take for granted. I admire their courage and wish them success in their fight for freedom.”

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