Official results and breakdown summary for South Dundas municipal election

SOUTH DUNDAS – Municipal election results became official October 25, and with the official results was an advanced poll, election day and internet voting summary.

While the final tallies are what decides any election, the in-person advanced voting summary showed that of those who chose to vote in-person, it was only the advanced and election day in-person voters who chose to vote in Morrisburg whose results mirrored the final results for mayor.

In-person voters who chose to vote in Williamsburg favoured Kirsten Gardner for mayor. Those who voted in-person in Iroquois and Matilda favoured Bill Ewing for mayor.

For the position of deputy mayor, it was only the Williamsburg in-person voters who had a different opinion about who should win that seat. Those who voted at the Willamsburg advanced poll favoured Donald Lewis for the seat. At every other in-person poll, Deputy Mayor-elect Marc St. Pierre was favoured.

In reviewing the voting summary for the three councillor seats, it was only the internet voting numbers that saw numbers reflecting the final outcome.

In-person voters at all of the advanced polling locations agreed that Tom Smyth and Cole Veinotte would win council seats. However the advanced poll of in-person voters in Morrisburg favoured Michael Burton for the third councillor seat.

At all of the other in-person polls including Williamsburg, Iroquois, Matilda and the Morrisburg election day in-person poll, it was Lloyd Wells who was favoured for the third councillor seat.

It was the internet voting numbers that in all cases reflected the final result which saw Cole Veinotte, Tom Smyth and Danielle Ward elected to the three available councillor seats. Ward received 324 more votes than Wells.

A little more than twice as many people voted by internet than in-person.

Mayor-elect Jason Broad, deputy mayor-elect Marc St. Pierre, and councillors-elect Cole Veinotte, Tom Smyth and Danielle Ward will be sworn into office November 15.

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