Municipal nominations close

MORRISBURG – Just a few days ago it looked like only the mayor’s seat was going to be contested here in South Dundas, but a lot changed by today’s nomination deadline (August 19). South Dundas will now see all of its council seats contested.
Three mayoral candidates
Seeking election as the next mayor of South Dundas are sitting South Dundas deputy mayor Kirsten Gardner and former councillor Bill Ewing. With less than an hour until the nomination deadline Jason Broad filed his nomination papers to seek election as mayor as well. Broad has not previously run for or served as a member of South Dundas council.
Three seek deputy mayor seat
Sitting councillor Donald Lewis filed his nomination papers over two months ago to seek election this time as deputy mayor. Until Thursday afternoon he was uncontested for that seat, but that changed when Tammy Thom filed her nomination papers. A newcomer to the South Dundas political scene, Thom will oppose Lewis for the deputy mayor’s seat and she will not be the only one. Filing at the last minute, former South Dundas councillor Marc St. Pierre handed in his nomination papers to seek election as deputy.
Seven vying for councillor
The three councillor seats will also be fully contested, with a number of new candidates adding their names to the candidate list as the deadline approached.
Looking to serve on South Dundas council for the first time, is lifetime Matilda area resident Tom Smyth. He was the first councillor candidate to file nomination papers June 24 to seek election to one of the three available councillor seats.
Sitting councillor Lloyd Wells announced June 28 that he will seek re-election as South Dundas councillor.
Jeff Welsh added his name to the ballot a week ago as a councillor candidate.
This week, four additional candidates added their names to the ballot to vie for the three available councillor seats.
Michael Burton, who ran for election in the last election, decided to return his name to the ballot for this election.
Trevor Riopelle filed nomination papers to seek election for the first time as South Dundas councillor Thursday.
Today, just before the 2 p.m. deadline, two more first time election candidates chose to add their names to the ballot including Cole Veinotte and Danielle Ward.
This list remains unofficial until the clerk has finished vetting the candidates. Candidates are declared official following certification. Election races with single candidates are declared acclaimed for the position once candidacy is certified.

North Dundas and North Glengarry voters will only be electing councillors this year. The mayoral and deputy mayoral races in those two townships will be acclaimed.

School board trustee races are mixed in SDG Counties and Cornwall. For the English Public board, Larry Berry is the only candidate in Ward 7 (Dundas County). Two people are running in Ward 8 (Cornwall) – David McDonald and Ryan MacKay; two are running in Ward 9 (Stormont-Glengarry) – Curtis Jordan and Andrew Shanks.

English Catholic trustee candidacies have only one per area. Karen MacAllister in Dundas-Stormont, Karen Torrie-Racine in Cornwall-Glengarry. The English-Catholic board has two seats for Cornwall-Glengarry meaning an extension for the nomination period to August 22 for that race. The French-Public trustee for SDG has no candidates, that nomination period is also extended. Jacques Heroux is the lone candidate for the Dundas County area for the French-Catholic trustee; Carole J. Larocque is the only French-Catholic trustee candidate for the Stormont, Cornwall, and Glengarry area.

Municipal Council candidates in the region

South Dundas

Mayor: Jason Broad, Bill Ewing, and Kirsten Gardner.
Deputy Mayor: Donald W. Lewis, Marc St. Pierre, and Tammy Thom.
Councillor: Michael Burton, Trevor Riopelle, Tom Smyth, Cole Veinotte, Danielle Ward, Lloyd Wells, and Jeff Welsh.

North Dundas

Mayor: Tony Fraser.
Deputy Mayor: Theresa Bergeron.
Councillor: Gary Annable, Stefan Kohut, William Healy, Matthew Uhrig, John Lennox, and Joselyn Morley.

South Stormont

Mayor: Bryan McGillis, and David Smith.
Deputy Mayor: Andrew Guindon, and Richard Waldroff.
Councillor: Louise Leclerc, Jennifer MacIsaac, Reid McIntyre, Tammy Spittal, and Cindy Woods.

North Stormont

Mayor: François Landry, and Roxane Villeneuve.
Deputy Mayor: Steve Densham, and Dean Laponsee.
Councillor: David MacDonald, Alison McDonald, Adrian Bugelli, Matt Shea, Charles Shane, and Dessia Miller.

South Glengarry

Mayor: Lyle Warden, and Lachlan McDonald.
Deputy Mayor: Martin Lang, and Jacqueline Milner.
Councillor: Stephanie Jaworski, Trevor Bougie, Sam McDonell, and Todd Lalonde.

North Glengarry

Mayor: Jamie MacDonald.
Deputy Mayor: Carma Williams.
Councillor: At-Large – Jacques Massie; Alexandria Ward – Michael Madden; Kenyon Ward – Jeff Manley and Peter Valiquet; Lochiel Ward – Brian Caddell and Brenda Noble; Maxville Ward – Gary Martin and Rita Eliza DeNobriga.


Mayor: Glen Grant, James Leroux, Jordan Poapst, and Justin Towndale.
Councillor: Bruce Baker, Todd Bennett, Carol Boileau, Denis Carr, Martin Chevalier, Cory Dixon, Maurice Dupelle, Patrick Dussault, Syd Gardiner, Sarah Good, Carilyne Hébert, Dean Hollingsworth, Abid Hussain, Christopher Leclair, Mark MacDonald, Elaine MacDonald, Claude McIntosh, Ryan Martelle, David Murphy, Fred Ngoundjo, Claude Poirier, Mary Jane Proulx, Jason Riley, Steven Robinson, Denis Sabourin, Gerald Samson, and Stephen Scott.


Mayor: Tory Deschamps and Pat Sayeau.
Deputy Mayor: Stephen Dillabough and Christopher Marcellus.
Councillors: Ward One – Hugh Cameron and Joseph Martelle; Ward Two – Clint Cameron, Paul Charbonneau, and Waddy Smail; Ward Three – John Courtney and Chris Ward.

With files from Phillip Blancher

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