Pathway project makes strides toward year-end completion date

A view along the Morrisburg waterfront path. The existing path will be widened and new paths installed in the centre of the park. – File photo

MORRISBURG – Morrisburg’s waterfront pathways will be fully replaced by the end of this year.

South Dundas council awarded the nearly $210,000 tender for the project at its September 13th meeting to Coco Paving Inc.

The existing kilometre of asphalt waterfront pathways will be removed and replaced to a standard two meter width. In addition, a new asphalt pathway will lead to the beach washrooms. Also included in this work will be the addition of a 48 foot diameter concrete stamped pad in the centre of the park’s green-space and the addition of two new internal pathways converging at the centre circle.

The bulk of the cost of this project will be covered by $145,000 worth of Investing in Canada Infrastructure program funding and $50,000 from the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee.

Although these funds are a little shy of the project budget, South Dundas staff plans to discuss potential cost savings with Coco or get a commitment for a slightly larger amount from the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee to ensure the cost of the project is fully accounted for.

“We will ensure that the funding is in place before we start the project,” said South Dundas chief administrative officer Shannon Geraghty.

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