Stone Cold Cider, Stone Crop Acres’ latest venture

Marc and Norene Gervais with the new Stone Cold Cider. (The Leader/Comfort photo)

MORRISBURG – South Dundas is lucky to have passionate wine-makers in its midst, but this community should count its blessings that those wine-makers are the extremely community-minded Norene Hyatt-Gervais and Marc Gervais.

Offering a dozen wines, the Gervais are continuing to add to and improve their winery venue and extend their product-line as they strive to achieve their ultimate goal.

“I’m really proud of our wines, but what interests me most is creating a happy place that our local community can enjoy,” said Norene.

The Gervais believe that reaching and welcoming more of the community can be achieved by expanding beyond offering more than wine.

“If we have products here that people enjoy, they are going to enjoy the experience even more,” said Norene.

This week Stone Crop Acres is launching its new product – Stone Cold Cider.

“I’ve always wanted to do a cider,” said Norene, showing off the two inaugural versions of the new cider which will be available for sale through the winery this week.

With the winery located in South Dundas, the same community that is home of the first McIntosh Apple, it was a natural fit that the Stone Cold Cider be made using apples sourced from Smyth’s Apple Orchard in Dundela.

The red-capped red-label version of the hard cider is described as dry and crisp.

And the green labeled version is a vinous cider, meaning that, just for fun, it was combined with Stone Crop’s Riesling wine to make a little sweeter, higher alcohol hybrid cider.

The Gervais credit winery staff including Leslie Johnson, Kelly McDonald and Lori-Anne Van Moorsel with coming up with the name Stone Cold Cider.

“It took them all of about two seconds, and it’s perfect,” said Norene. “We fell in love with the name right away.”

Another addition to Stone Crop Acres is a new outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, which will allow Stone Crop to expand its on-site food service from cheese trays to personal-sized pizzas, and nachos, all featuring local products, such as Against the Grain tortilla chips, Biemond cheese and more.

All of the pizza dough is being made by Bobby Bedard at Pizza Castle, who is developing a special thin crust dough especially for the wood-fired pizza oven.

The outdoor patio is in the process of being significantly expanded in order to make room for the new pizza oven venture.

The Gervais’ are hoping to have everything ready in time for the first concert of the year which is Marleen Fawcett & Mountain Breeze on May 29th if COVID-19 restrictions will allow it.

Another goal for this year is to start a new Discovery Series.

The Discovery series is planned for three Friday evenings throughout the summer to allow the community to experience music from non-professional artists, foods from guest chefs and possibly beers from guest brewers.

The popular and award-winning Harmony Concerts at the Winery series will return this year.

Meeting all pandemic-related restrictions and protocols of the day, this year’s lineup includes Marleen Fawcett, Grouyan Gombo, Twin Flames, Durham County Poets, The Shiners, The American Rogues, Lynne Hanson, The Barrel Boys, Catherine MacLellan, Women of Soul & Blues, The Commotions, Grass-roots Folk Music, Freddy Vette & His Rhinestone Plowboys, Miss Emily, Dione Taylor, Roddy Ellias & Kellylee Evans, Lynn Miles & The Crusty Mittens.

For now, Norene and Marc are busy getting everything ready to welcome people back to the Winery.

They are looking forward to announcing their opening dates and hours to the community as soon as they can. Marc added that when they are able to open it will be with all safety and COVID protocols in place.

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