How are you doing? Let us know

A hopeful message along the side of County Road 31, just north of Glen Becker in South Dundas. – The Leader/Blancher photo

SOUTH DUNDAS – Everyone is now finishing the third week of this “new abnormal” as one of the reporters at The Leader has called the changes everyone is now dealing with. Social and physical distancing, store closures, work from home, teach from home: everything has changed.

We would like to hear from you. What you are doing at home? Having fun with the kids? Working on projects? Reading or learning something new? Have you put up a sign or message for people as they drive by? Take a photo of it and send it in.

Has someone in the community helped you in some way and you’d like to tell people about it? Let us know.

Email us with your photos and stories at Let us and the community know how you are doing.

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