Dutch Meadows zoning approved

MORRISBURG – The next step forward for the Dutch Meadows subdivision was approved by South Dundas council at its December 2nd meeting.

A crowd of about 25 people gathered for the public meeting where council heard concerns regarding the re-zoning of the parcels of land located west of Steward Drive.

The biggest concern of those who spoke at the meeting was drainage, an issue raised by both Len Bellamy and Volker Gruetzner.

Bellamy said that he has seen the area become a swamp where it had previously been dry. He said that drainage in the area is inadequate and that drainage concerns for the area is his only objection to the proposed development.

Gruetzner agreed saying that the significant slope to the south means that drainage through the adjacent Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a real concern.

Those concerns were noted before council voted to approve the zoning amendment which fulfilled a condition of draft plan approval for the project for the United Counties of Stormont Dundas and Glengarry. The residential subdivision consists of 74 lots for single detached dwellings, 31 lots for semi-detached dwellings and three condominium buildings.

“Drainage is a concern for both you and council and we will make sure that they do it right,” commented South Dundas mayor Steven Byvelds.

Byvelds explained that after this approval, the next step for the project is a site plan agreement, which will come to South Dundas council for approval. That site plan is where people will be able to see how the proponents plan to address drainage.

“I do appreciate the public being here,” said Byvelds before calling for the vote. “We feel that we need to grow and this is a big step forward.”

This decision is subject to appeal.

During the public meeting Ron Wilson raised concerns over the preservation of agricultural land. However, this is not something the municipality can control. This land has already been designated by the province as suitable for residential development.

Also, Sam Moss asked if through this process there would be an opportunity to expand the sewer system to Steward Drive.

Mayor Byvelds, answered that this is not being considered at this time as part of this project.

Note: This article was edited from the print edition for clarity.

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