Aunt Maggity’s nearly sold out

MORRISBURG – If you don’t already have a ticket for the comedy, Aunt Maggity’s Dark and Stormy Night, those tickets are becoming very scarce.

The Anglican Parish of South Dundas’ production of the hilarious Edith Weiss short play, at UCP, April 6, is currently 90 per cent sold out. There are still some tickets, at $20 per person, available by calling Upper Canada Playhouse at 613-543-3713.

Funds raised by the play, produced by Rev. Pat Martin, are going to help support ministries and outreach programs for people here in South Dundas.

The all-volunteer 12 members of the cast are hard at work, and into their final rehearsals on stage at Upper Canada Playhouse. The excitement is definitely building – so far the set

is still standing and no one has fallen off the stage, including director Wendy Gibb!

As part of the evening show, Jon Martin and Connery Brown will also be performing an original musical number, very much in keeping with the themes of the play.

And audiences can also look forward to enjoying some delicious post-play goodies served up in the theatre lobby.

Members of the church family and the South Dundas community at large have assisted in this production. The support, and advice, of Donnie Bowes and all the staff at Upper Canada Playhouse has been invaluable.

Aunt Maggity’s Dark and Stormy Night promises to be lots of fun for the audience.

After all, the play revolves around a squabbling, eccentric family and a reported wealthy inheritance: where there’s money involved, there’s likely to be some sort of mayhem in the offing!

Who will survive?

Who could actually end up with “the loot”?

What might syringes, boxing gloves, gummy worms and a no-good goat possibly have in common?

And just what, exactly, has been stashed in that mysterious, old window seat?

Join the fun at Aunt Maggity’s Dark and Stormy Night, April 6, 7 p.m., at UCP, and find out.

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