Editorial: More than just one night…

The inaugural 100 Men of South Dundas event highlighted some of the many good works being done by others right here in our community.

Two worthwhile groups, the Canadian Cancer Society of SDG-PR, and Seaway District High School’s parent council, each received the full amount they asked for from the fundraising event. On November 6th, 152 men gathered together in a room, for one hour, and raised over $15,000. This is an impressive sum that will benefit cancer patients in South Dundas and students at Seaway for years to come. Well done!

The best spin-off from a community event like 100 Men or its sister organization 100 Women Who Care about South Dundas, is the exposure participating groups receive.

At the 100 Men event, we learned about 12 groups in South Dundas, perhaps all with different missions, but united by one goal: doing something good for our community. Presenters told the audience about their programs, and projects, and what the group does. These spokespersons described their challenges, and the benefits to the community based on what they hope to do.

For some in the audience, this was eye-opening. Many heard for the first time not just about needs in the community – of which there are many – but also about the good work that goes on quietly, often unnoticed. Be it historic preservation, youth arts programs, food bank support, assisting low-income families with repairs, school programs, or youth sports, all but one of these groups was championing a project which would have direct impact on youth in our community. That is very telling.

One-hundred people events are a quick way to raise money with minimal time commitment for the people donating. However the idea we might take away from these events is that charity does not need to be limited to only a special gathering once a year.

In the past week, we’ve already learned about little acts of kindness being extended to some of those who presented. Individuals have donated money to some of the other projects that did not win the big prize November 6th. There are a lot of great groups in South Dundas. Why not be pro-active and help now? Reach out to the group of your choice, and offer support.

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