Proposal to honour the memory of Les Cruickshank

MORRISBURG – Plans are in the works to honour a man, a road builder, who never sought out much recognition.

“I’m working on a fitting memorial for Les Cruickshank who was a significant contributor to our community for many years,” said Gerry Rosenquist who is suggesting that the street Canada Way in Morrisburg be re-named either Cruickshank Drive or Cruickshank Crescent.

Rosenquist plans to make that suggestion to the newly elected council at a meeting in December.

“He is one of the finest examples of a caring citizen you could find anywhere and I feel he needs recognition in perpetuity,” said Rosenquist of Cruickshank who passed away at his South Dundas home October 22nd.

Cruickshank, who built the Locke subdivision in Morrisburg, chose to name many of the streets in that area to honour many of his employees: but his name is not on any of those streets.

“Les always was always hesitant to accept any accolades when he was alive,” Rosenquist told The Leader, adding that the road name seemed a good fit since the Municipality of South Dundas has traditionally named many of its roads for prominent citizens.

Rosenquist sees Canada Way as a natural fit for the name change tribute since it travels past the Cruickshank Amphitheatre which Les built and donated to the community.

This road is not far from Cruickshank Construction, the company that he founded here.

It also has no mailing addresses associated with it, so it will not inconvenience anyone.

This is not the first naming tribute process that Rosenquist has participated in locally, having been part of the effort that named Earl Baker Park in Morrisburg and Fran Laflamme Drive in Long Sault.

“I think we will have the votes to make this happen,” said Rosenquist. “I can’t think of anyone who would vote against this honour.”

“I do believe this is something South Dundas can do to honour a man who has done so much for his community but never really wanted anything in return,” said mayor-elect Steven Byvelds who encouraged Rosenquist to bring the request to council in December for the group to decide.

“He deserves to be remembered in a more permanent way and this is a simple thing we can do for him,” added Byvelds.

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