Four Tubie race wins in a row

Fourth Tubie race win in a row – Team Lee/Jordan (pictured above) took the lead at the start of the 48th annual Tubie Race, and paddled their way to their fourth win in as many years. This year the team completed the race in 25 minutes, 16 seconds, three-and-a-half minutes off the race record set in 2017 of 21 minutes 57 seconds. Nine teams entered the race this year, but only eight made it across the finish line. The race capped the 48th annual Tubie weekend, which was themed “Looney Tubes” this year.

MORRISBURG – A modern-day dynasty has taken hold of the Tubie Race championship as Team Lee/Jordan won their fourth race in a row August 5th.

The race started nearly on time, with two teams arriving and getting set up in the water just before the starting siren at Arlor Haven Campground west of Mariatown.

Team Lee/Jordan took an early lead on the inside edge of the marked course, with the remaining eight teams falling in behind.

Calamity befell Team Barclay as they rounded the point at Mariatown. The team’s right tube blew out, sending most of the team into the water.

“We were in fourth place and were about to move into third when the tube blew,” said Jeff Barclay. “I don’t know if we scratched up against something. Oh well.”

As the race moved along towards the causeway, Team Lee/Jordan extended their lead over the rest of the pack.

The battle for second was fought out between Team Morrow and Cameryn Broad’s team. Broad was a new entry this year.

Team Lee/Jordan won the race in 25 minutes, 16 seconds. Morrow finished second, while Broad’s team took third.

Sage Barclay’s crew took fourth place while Jesse Swank’s entry finished fifth.

Kayakers Dave Gillmor and Fran Michel finished in sixth place, an improvement over last year’s efforts. Gaerth Cochrane’s team was seventh and Jordan St. Louis’ team finished in eighth place.

For more photos from the race, the Tubie Parade, and the Tubie Duathalon, visit our photo album on Facebook.

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