New venture ICE Lolly serves up cool treats for the summer

ICE Lolly founder Mark Mossman poses with his steampunk-inspired ice cream cart. (The Leader/Blancher photo)

MORRISBURG – For Morrisburg resident Mark Mossman, nostalgia, curiosity and ice cream go together. He hopes others feel the same.

This is why he started a new business, ICE Lolly, a tricycle ice cream and frozen treat cart in Morrisburg.

“In the beginning it was my wife’s idea,” Mossman told The Leader. “I’ve always been interested in owning and running a concession stand or a fun food truck.”

He said the $50,000-plus investment to buy a food truck was high so his wife Holly suggested he sell ice cream. The idea is not new to him as he sold Dickie Dee Ice Cream as a teenager in the 1990’s.

Mossman’s cart has a set of original four-tone Dickee Dee bells which he added thanks to help from Barnful of Goodies in Morrisburg.

Before starting construction on the bike, Mossman worked with the municipality to get his permits in order.

“That was important as I wanted to make sure everything was proper,” he said.

As for building the cart itself, it has some local tie-ins and materials. Mossman, a cabinet and furniture maker, used an old ice cream cart frame that he found online as the base of the cart.

Various parts, wheels, fenders, pedals, came from locally-sourced people, or from family.

The insulated box was fabricated, in part, from reclaimed materials from a barn near Dundela that was dismantled last year. This includes barn-door hinges re-purposed for side handle stanchions, wood and metal sheathing for the sides and trim.

The cart has been a labour of love, and cause of lots of elbow-grease for Mossman.

“It’s been a lot of work, and a lot of trial-and-error,” he said.

As for the products inside, Mossman said they will vary.

“I’m going to try to have different ice creams, and try to get the flavours like what Dickee Dee offered.”

Dickee Dee Ice Cream operated in Canada from 1959 to 2002.

There is no need to worry about kids spoiling their supper with frozen treats though. Mossman said he’ll be out and about after dinner time.

“You can tell I’m a dad, right,” he replied.

Mossman has no plans to expand past the one cart.

“I want to keep this as it is,” he said. “Just one cart selling. Nice and simple.”

Mossman can be found in Earl Baker Park and near the Morrisburg Beach throughout the summer season. Just listen for the bells: ice cream will be near.

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