Linking Hands launches Welcome Dundas

Linking Hands coordinator Sandy Casselman (left) is pictured with Happy Face Nursery School & Child Care executive director Cheryl Firlotte with two of the 250 bags donated to the Linking Hands Welcome Dundas project by the local nursery school. (Contributed photo)

MOUNTAIN—Linking Hands’ Welcome Dundas program is ready to greet newcomers to North and South Dundas.

Welcome Dundas bags are currently being filled with information, and some freebies, covering essential services, businesses, schools, medical facilities, libraries, service organizations, agencies, and more. More importantly, they are ready for distribution now.

“It was brought to our attention in 2016 that Dundas County had not had a welcoming initiative in several years. Through additional investigation it was confirmed the previous service wouldn’t be returning,” Linking Hands coordinator Sandy Casselman said.

“The service, however, is still needed and that’s where Linking Hands comes in—to fill the void and to ensure all newcomers know what resources and services are available in North and South Dundas. And, of course, we want them to feel welcome in their new home.”

Currently, the bags include information from both townships, as well as a few contributions from various agencies and businesses throughout Dundas County.
Those agencies or businesses wishing to contribute can still do so by contacting Casselman directly. There is no charge for this service.

“I actually started collecting content before the actual bags were ordered,” Casselman said. “It’s thanks to a donation from Happy Face Nursery School & Child Care that we are now in possession of 250 bags for the kick off to this program.”

Those professionals dealing with newcomers on a regular basis, such as realtors, schools, or medical offices, are invited to contact Casselman for bags to distribute. The bags are free and open to new-to-Dundas residents.

For more on the program, visit or contact Casselman directly at or by phone at 613-989-3830.

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