Morrisburg Model Village cancelled

MORRISBURG – The founder of the Morrisburg Model Village construction initiative has called off the project.

John Gleed made the announcement Monday.

“While I still love the idea, I am practical by nature and have concluded that the plan for the physical model village along the waterfront path is no longer feasible at this time,” said Gleed.

Having recently returned from a vacation, Gleed explained that he had undertaken a careful analysis of the proposed Morrisburg Model Village project and found some major challenges for the project.

While many locals have been willing to support the project generously with donations, funding applications to organizations outside of South Dundas have not met with much success.

Along with this lack of funding, Gleed is most concerned that the group did not have any volunteers come on board with expertise to oversee and carry out the pavilion portion of the project, which represents about 80 per cent of the building cost.

With this announcement, Gleed is immediately withdrawing outstanding applications to the municipality and any other organizations and all funding will be returned to donors.

While this announcement puts an end to the model village vision, it does not put an end to a project that will provide a physical commemoration of the lost portion of Morrisburg.

“I still propose that the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee complete the waterfront sign displaying the Then and Now Map, and I will personally provide the funding for this,” said Gleed.

“Never one to give up easily, I am looking at taking the idea for the physical model village and creating a computer-based virtual model at the Morrisburg Model Village website. I have the expertise to do this myself, and there would be no requirement for fundraising or sponsorship,” said Gleed.

He thanked the team who were willing to get involved. “Your willingness to get involved when approached is really, really appreciated and it has been a great experience for me,” said Gleed.

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