Recycling their way to play

MORRISBURG – Is there a way to turn the task a getting rid of junk into hours of fun and enjoyment for local school children?


Morrisburg Public School is offering that opportunity with its upcoming fundraiser.

For one day only – Saturday, February 3, Morrisburg Public School will be set up as a collection site, accepting donations of unwanted electronics and textiles for recycling.

“Every kilogram we collect will in turn benefit Morrisburg Public School,” said Kirsten Gardner, Morrisburg school council chair.

Every kilogram collected will result in a monetary donation to Morrisburg Public School which will be used to offset the cost of new play structures for the school.

“Not only does the school benefit, but this also provides a great opportunity for people to get rid of broken and unwanted items and to divert waste from the landfill,” she said.

With play structures costing about $30,000-$50,000 each, Gardner says this will be the first event to kickoff the larger play structure fundraising effort.

The group’s fundraising goal for this one-day event is $1,000.

“To reach that goal, we’ll have to have a really great turnout,” said Gardner.

This collection will take place, no matter the weather.

Volunteers from the school council will be on site to help with the unloading of donated items.

Donations can only be accepted on collection day, February 3, during the collection hours which will run from 10 a.m. until about 3 p.m.

“This is a great fundraiser because we’re not asking for money, only for you to donate some of the junk that you may have wanted to get rid of anyway. Just bring it to us and everyone benefits,” said Gardner.

Electronics accepted for recycling include any display devices, including any type of television or monitor, cellular and non-cellular phones and devices, computers, computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, wired or wireless, computers, printers photocopiers and home or automotive audio/video systems. Small appliances like hair dryers are also accepted.

She hopes that small businesses will consider this as an opportunity to get rid of some old office equipment, at no cost to them.

For textile recycling, being accepted are clothes, linens, shoes, boots and drapes, regardless of the condition.

Gather it all together in a garbage bag and drop it by the school during the collection event.

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