It’s 50/50: Mayor on re-election intentions

MORRISBURG – South Dundas mayor Evonne Delegarde is not willing to announce any plans about seeking re-election as mayor.

That was one of many questions asked by The Leader at the year end interview held at the South Dundas Municipal Centre in the council caucus room December 8th.

With new regulations, in 2018 nominations for the municipal election don’t open until May 1st, which is significantly later than the past when nominations opened January 1st.

Asked if she will seek re-election, the mayor said, “It’s not the timing yet. I will not answer that.”

Asked when she will make her intentions known she said, “Probably in May.”

She said that at that time she will know the status of her husband’s coming retirement. “That will be part of my decision making,” she said, adding that the couple would like to do some travelling in retirement, and that their three sons are located across the country.

Asked if that meant she is strongly considering not running, she said, “right now it’s 50/50.”

South Dundas deputy mayor Jim Locke has long been willing to make his intentions known.

“I am not running. I think I made that clear right after the last election,” he told The Leader on Friday.

“I have known that for a long time. The decision has nothing to do with council, it’s just my age,” he said. Locke recently celebrated his 75th birthday.

Ever since the day that South Dundas councillor Bill Ewing learned that Locke would not be seeking re-election as deputy mayor, he set his sights on that seat.

“My intention is to run for deputy mayor. I figure it’s time to move up a bit,” he said.

He said he is pretty firmly committed to seeking that seat. “I doubt I would change my mind, unless no one is running for the top spot. I’m pretty sure I’ll stay with deputy.”

South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan said, “As of right now, I’m undecided.”

He added that there are issues/projects on the go that he would like to see through. “So, if the next 7-8 months are productive, that could sway my thinking.”

Mellan feels strongly that there needs to be council representation from all sectors of South Dundas. “But, that said, all of council does, and should, work for all the municipality.

“The next several months, I will be doing some soul-searching to decide what my plans are for the 2018 election.”

South Dundas councillor Marc St. Pierre said he will be running for election again in 2018.

“As of right now, all three positions are open possibilities,” said St. Pierre.

Nominations open May 1, 2018 and close July 27, 2018. October 22nd is election day.

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