Siblings share birthday with local animal shelter

Marc Labossiere (left) with Zander and Sadie Thompson (The Leader/Casselman photo)

SOUTH DUNDAS – The suggestion may have come from an adult, but it was the trio of youngsters who decided to forego the typical birthday party and gifts for something a little more charitable.

Sadie (13) and Zander (9) Thompson, along with their step-brother, Marc Labossiere (11), agreed to have one large birthday party between them last month and, giving the traditional gift-giving part of the party a bit of a twist, the kids asked their guests to bring gifts for the local animal shelter.

Together the three animal-lovers collected dog treats, dog toys, cat treats, cat toys, kitty litter, and more. In addition to their box full of material items, the siblings also offered the South Dundas Animal Shelter a $300 donation.

When asked how the idea came about, Sadie said her mom had suggested having a group birthday party and donating to a charity, but it was the kids who decided to follow through with it and it was Sadie, Zander, and Marc who decided the animal shelter would be their charity of choice.

Sadie said the three siblings love animals and, Zander would only agree to the idea if the charity in question benefitted animals in some way. Adding to this, Sadie said she told her mother she only wanted to help a charity that preserved animal life, so her mom, Sheila McDonald, began searching for a no-kill shelter.

Together they went to the Pigeon Island shelter to check things out and agreed that this was where they wanted their contributions to go.

Was it hard giving up potential gifts for themselves? Sadie said, “no, not at all.” She explained that ordinarily the gift opening part of the celebration takes time away from having fun. Taking the gifts out of the equation meant more uninterrupted fun and game time, she said.

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