Seaway Plans a 50th Anniversary Celebration

Seaway students, young and old. Teachers. School staff. People who attended or worked at the old Morrisburg or Iroquois High Schools. 

Wherever you are in the world, it’s time to come home.

May 26-28, 2017, Seaway District High School is celebrating a major milestone, its 50th anniversary, (just in time to correspond to Canada’s 150th birthday). The 50th anniversary planning committee is in the process of putting together an incredible weekend to recognize this significant date.  

And a great many fun-filled, exciting events are in the works as part of the lead-up to the grand May “bash.” 

“We want to get the word out to Seaway people, whoever they are and where ever they are, to get in touch with us, and plan to join us for our 50th,” said Seaway principal, and planning committee member, Don Lewis. He is joined on the committee by Carol Collard, Roxanne Backes, Seaway VP Tania Stover, Mary Lewis, Laurie McElheran, Brenda Whitteker and Carrie Gilmour.

Some people have asked Lewis how the year 2017 was chosen as the school’s 50th anniversary.

“The year is based on Seaway’s official declaration as the sole integrated high school, in the year 1967,” he explained. “While Seaway was open before that date, the old Morrisburg High School was also still in existence at the same time. So we date the anniversary to 1967, when Seaway became the only area high school.”

While the committee is still finalizing its plans at this point, the May 26-28 anniversary bash is already taking shape.

Tentatively, “we are holding a wine and cheese reception and open house at the High School on Friday,  May 26, several rooms set up, by decades, with memorabilia and photos,” Lewis said.  The committee is requesting that people who may have material to contribute to those display rooms, to contact Don or Tania at 613-652-4878. A log and tracking system will ensure that all donations will be returned safely.

Saturday afternoon will mark an official ceremony at the school, unveiling the Seaway Wall of Fame, recognizing distinguished Seaway grads from past years. (“We’ll be getting out information for people to nominate grads for this Wall quite soon,” Lewis said.)

Saturday evening a gala dinner and dance is set for the Morrisburg Arena, with plenty of live music. Tickets for the dinner will soon be available online. Sunday will feature an open air non-denominational family service with fun entertainment for kids afterward.

The planners are currently issuing invitations to the Anniversary through Facebook and the media, with an online registration site already set up. They are hoping to reach any and all who have Seaway connections.

As part of the build up to the May Reunion Weekend, the committee has set up a number of events (which also serve as fundraisers) over the next few months.

September 22 offers a fun Paint Night at Seaway, organized by Carrie Gilmour.  November features a Volleyball Tournament for both “seasoned and unseasoned players,” Lewis laughed. February will see a Curling BonSpiel, and April, a Fun Run. 

May is the month of the Big Event.

To register, and to find out more about plans for the 50th anniversary of Seaway District High School, go to

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