Making dreams come true at Dundas Manor

Making every day special for residents is the goal of every staff member, but the Activity Team at Dundas Manor is taking that promise one step further. They have introduced the ‘Dream Come True’ program, setting a ‘person-centred goal’ for each resident.

“Dreams Come True can be big or small but they are always meaningful to the resident,” explains Jennifer Hill, Activity Programs and Services Director. “For example, they may want to spend an afternoon making chili sauce from an old family recipe. Maybe they want to skype with faraway family or go people watching downtown. One resident wanted to go to a greenhouse to pick out spring flowers for planting and another wanted to visit her former farm to see her farmhouse.”

Dundas Manor resident Bob Bennett took a trip to his old friend Eldon Lindsay’s farm with Activity Assistant Kerri Seabrook. 

Bob’s friendship with Eldon goes back to his equipment salesman days. He commented on how enjoyable the trip was and how much he appreciated the day out. “Bob’s natural GPS kicked in when we hit those old country roads,” adds Kerri. “Touring the modern dairy farm operation and visiting with an old friend makes for a perfect day.”

Bertha Christie loves to shop! So the activity team found a place not too far from Winchester that offers great deals – the House of Lazarus. Bertha enjoyed a morning of shopping followed by lunch at Loughlin’s for a visit with the locals. “It was a wonderful day. I had never been there before,” notes Bertha.

“Each resident is part of the process and is encouraged to dream a little,” adds Jennifer, who has worked at Dundas Manor for 20 years. “We sit down and talk about what we can accomplish together. And then we work to make it happen.”

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