New Morrisburg greens open, game on


Designer David Casselman has laid down quite a challenge for golfers at the Morrisburg Golf Course, a challenge that involves an average break of about two feet anywhere on the new third hole green.

Friday, Casselman was at the course where he was joined by Morrisburg Golf Club officials to cut the ribbon to officially open the newly designed and constructed third hole and the resurfaced and slightly expanded second hole green.

On hand for the opening were Morrisburg Golf Club greens chair Shawn Hummel, club captains Andy and Monique Patenaude and greenskeeper Lee Beaupre.

“We are very pleased,” said Hummel. “David did an exceptional job with the construction, and Lee has done a great job with the maintenance.”

Last year, the second and third greens at the Morrisburg Golf Club were lost to disease, and the greens on the first, fifth, seventh and eighth greens were affected to a lesser degree.

To resolve the green issues, it was decided by the membership-owned Morrisburg Club to totally rebuild and redesign the third green, re-surface the second green, spot repair the other affected greens, and put a new mowing/maintenance/fertilizing program in place that would strengthen all of the course’s greens. 

This all got rolling late in the fall of 2012, with the major work done this spring. The result as of last Friday, is that all greens at the Morrisburg Golf Course are now healthy and providing golfers with some great play.

According to Hummel, it was Casselman’s decision to increase the playing surface of the second green. The back end was raised, and tile drainage was added to prevent water from laying on the green. He was left to design the third hole.

Casselman is pleased with the results of his work. Although he has helped to design and build holes with his dad at the Cedar Glen Golf Course east of Williamsburg, this was his first time to design greens for another operation.

“I like how they have turned out. We doubled the size of the old  third green (now 4,000 square feet). We dug the pond to the left of the green and used that ground as the fill for the new green as a cost savings. The idea is that the pond will now help with drainage in the area. Fawcett Brother Excavation did a great job. They dug the pond and spread the fill around.”

“I put down 12 inches of green mix, and we sodded with a bent grass.  The green is now higher than the former green and raised at the back to make it more accessible to receive a ball and to provide esthetic value, and better drainage….along with hopefully some tricky putts.”

As for the second green on the par three second hole, “we levelled it off, sloped it towards the tee and took out some of the gullies that held water.” Casselman says he found there was too much sand in the green and so, while he used the soil that was there, he added 10 inches of greens mix to enable the new sod to develop a good root system.

He says it has been a good summer to establish new greens. “We had the rain that helped out and Lee (greenskeeper Beaupre) has helped with the maintenance.”

“The greens are looking really good,” said Beaupre. “They are still in the process of mending, but we now have them cut to the same height as our other greens.”

In addition to the work on the second and third greens, new sod was placed in the troubled areas on the fifth, seventh and eighth greens and they too are now in great shape. A better maintenance/mowing program has rejuvenated the first green.

Beaupre says the larger green surfaces (two and three) now offer more pin placement opportunities and will help to spread the traffic around more effectively, thereby helping with the maintenance. With a chuckle, he adds, “on number three, there is not a level spot, and I am looking forward to some pin placements.”

The coast of the work totalled about $30,000, and in addition to those who physically helped with the project (laying sod etc.), the support of the members has been phenomenal through a loans program and various fundraising initiatives.

“We are looking forward to having some of our members return and to green fee guests coming out to give us a try,” says Hummel. “We are in good shape and we are inviting the golfing public to drop in for a game.”


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