Ducks and dogs wade in on race day

Before heading out to the Tubie races on Sunday, August 4, drop by the Morrisburg beach to watch one of the most unique duck race experiences around.

At 10 a.m. five dogs will take to the water, one at a time, to retrieve a duck from the pool of 1200 floating in the water, and return it to their owner.

The five ducks retrieved by the pooches will be the five prize winners of the Morrisburg and District Lions Club Duck Race.

One thousand dollars worth of prizes will be handed out, with top prize being $500 cash, second is $200 cash, third is $100 cash, fourth is a $100 Riley’s Valumart gift card, and fifth is a $100 Canadian Tire gift card.

This year the canine retrievers include Finnegan, Katie, Floyd, Cocoa and one dog yet to be determined.

Finnegan is a 3.5 year old black lab, who likes to dress up. 

He was a Tootsie Roll for Halloween.

He is the canine companion of Sunnie Cantin-Locke, Robin Cantin-Locke and Dominic Worthington.

Finnegan came to live with this family when he was one. “He loves attention and hands everyone his big paw for love,” said his owner. 

Katie, a two year old German Shepherd Alsatian, live with Leanne Casselman. Katie has service dog lineage, so she is definitely up to the task of helping out the Lions Club, because they too ‘serve’. “She’s a super all round dog! Intelligent loyal and great with kids,” said Casselman. 

Hopefully, Katie will be good with ducks too.

Floyd is a friendly nine year old Labradoodle, who is still a puppy at heart. 

“He is an all around good sport when called upon to render a service,” said his owners. Floyd comes from Montreal with Jean, Wendy, Nelson and Myles Landry but is here visiting his summer home, the Graham’s on Lakeshore Drive.

Floyd is obsessed with balls, but may give the ball a break for long enough to fetch a winning rubber duck from the St. Lawrence, Sunday.

Cocoa is described as a charming, flirtatious and stubborn six year old Shih-Tzu Cavalier Spaniel mix. He is a veteran of the duck races, returning to the task for the third time. “What he lacks in swimming speed is made up with his precise retrieving skills, some of the time,” said Juli Strader of Cocoa. “If you want to get his attention, all you have to do is say any of the following words: peanut butter, chicken, cheese, car ride or nap.”

Like all Morrisburg and District Lions Club fundraisers, the proceeds benefit the community. 

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