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Customers at Mustard’s Variety in Iroquois quite often drop a little spare change into the containers by the cash register. While they may not put much thought into where those coins are going, store owner Jim Mustard does.

Recently, Mustard, thanks to the generosity of his customers, had collected enough change to donate $1,000 to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

“All the time, when people are buying things they will say keep the change. So, I started keeping these collection jars,” said Mustard. “That money shouldn’t go in my pocket, it’s not my money,” he added.

This is the fifth time that those collection jars have resulted in major donations to local organizations.

This time, Mustard decided to give to the Mental Health Association because mental health issues touch everyone in some way. 

“For some, it’s in a minor way, but for others it’s in a very serious way. Mental Health issues are the worst best kept secret out there,” said Mustard.

While Mustard says all he is doing is providing an avenue for people to donate and support community organizations and charities in a small way, he does more than that. Mustard always puts some extra thought and effort into fundraising in his store.

Mustard had a goal of raising $1,000 for Mental Health, which takes a very long time when you are adding it up penny by penny, nickle by nickle, so when a customer came in to donate a huge container of pennies, Mustard started a contest whereby other customers could make a donation to guess the number of pennies for a chance to win a store gift certificate. 

He raised $107 in one month through customers guessing the number of pennies. The huge container of pennies had 12,386 pennies inside. So, those pennies, the contest funds and the store collection jars were all part of the $1,000 donation to Mental Health. 

While handing over the funds to the Canadian Mental Health Association, Mustard was already working on his next fund raising endeavor.

Until July 16th, fundraising efforts within the store are in support of Seaway Valley Crimestoppers. Mustard has been a supporter of Seaway Valley Crimestoppers since its inception. This year, the Seaway Valley Crimestoppers Golf Tournament, which raises funds for the local Crimestoppers program, is taking place at the Iroquois Golf Course.

As an incentive for customers to donate to the cause, those who donate $5 on the pledge sheets will have a chance to win five single scoop ice cream vouchers, a $10 donation gets the donor a chance at  winning 10 single scoop ice cream vouchers and a donation of $20 or more will get the donor a chance at winning an 11.4 litre tub of their favourite ice cream.  

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