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Chance, looking for a chance. One-year-old Shepherd/Chow Mix, a real beauty. Black with sprinkles of grey & brindle. He is not neutered & weighs 90 pounds. He needs training & an experienced dog owner who will work with him. This guy is absolutely gorgeous, he has the Chow eyes and much of the Chow black/grey colouring, but here and there is a sprinkle of the Shepherd brown. He was a pet, but a pet that was pretty much given free reign and allowed to run at will. He will need a strong owner, prepared to work him and to become the leader of Chance's pack. He will need to be neutered upon adoption.

Two-year-old female black & white Lab mix, Missy, (40 pounds) is spayed and has all her shots. Few social skills and very timid, but very friendly and will have to learn to trust. Time and lots of patience will be required for Missy who has had a sad life and will need housetraining help. She has had at least one litter & really deserves a break with a kind & loving family. She is an easily frightened little girl and the shelter is most fortunate to have lined her up to be worked with by a professional in the hopes of helping her to adjust to a loving life.

One year old Hope is a brown/white Lab mix. She is spayed and has her shots. Because she had a litter of puppies at a very young age, she probably won’t grow much more than her current 40 pounds. She is very friendly, but will need puppy/manners training & house-training. Young Hope appears to be a most friendly pup. She eagerly ate treats from our hands, but of course was jumping up and was very excited. We got the impression these treat handouts might have been the first acts of kindness this little girl has ever seen from people…and frankly we think she was delighted.

Still at the South Dundas Animal is our darling hound/doberman mix, who has been with us for four months. This guy is not fixed and would make someone a devoted pet. He is very outgoing and likes to run so he would need an owner that can provide a safe environment where he can be contained. He is housetrained, however he has also been at the shelter for close to five months so some potty retraining  would be necessary. This lad has never shown any kind of aggression and during his brief encounters with other dogs has been very friendly. He will mark his territory and should be neutered upon adoption, both to prevent unwanted puppies and to help to keep him at home.

For the past couple of months, we have had an older Boxer mix at the Shelter. We have been fortunate to have been able to relocate her to a rescue where we feel she will have more exposure and more opportunity to be adopted.

In the last two weeks, we have adopted out Keila (a spotted mix breed), our 1.5 year old Black Lab, the Husky with one blue and one brown eye and the Rottie puppy.

If you are interested in any of our featured dogs, or any other dogs currently at the shelter please call Kevin at 613-543-2980. For more information on our dogs you can also follow us on Facebook at South Dundas Pet Rescue or on our website straydogrescue.com

Donations of food, cash to purchase food, and dog supplies (collars, blankets, towells etc.) can be dropped off at the Morrisburg Veterinary Office on Highway 2 where our volunteers pick up.

We appreciate all help provided …



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