Fairy tale wedding complete with celebrities


The celebration of the wedding of Wendy McGregor to John Burn, February 21, in Antigua, was already a very special occasion for the Morrisburg couple, but a chance encounter with celebrity couple Alley Mills Bean and Orson Bean made it a little more special.

McGregor and Burn went to Antigua, with the blessing of their families to get married in a quiet ceremony.

In addition to the wedding, the couple was celebrating the end of a tough year, during which John suffered from health issues. This included treatments for thyroid cancer and the removal of a benign brain tumor. 

“We were just elated that we were able to make it to Antigua and to get married,” said McGregor.

“After a year of virtual hell, it was such a wonderful experience to be able to lie on the beach and sit in the sun with Wendy,” said Burn. “We went through a lot and the fact that Wendy was there supporting me through all of it made it all bearable.”

The second night that Wendy and John were at the resort having dinner, a couple came and sat at a nearby table. “We nodded and smiled when they sat down,” said McGregor. 

They struck up a conversation. “It was then that we found out who they were,” said McGregor. 

Alley Mills Bean currently stars in The Bold and the Beautiful

Orson Bean is best known for his role on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and has had stints on Two and A Half Men and Desperate Housewives.

While McGregor and Burn learned that their new acquaintances were celebrities, the Beans learned that their new acquaintances were in Antigua to get married.

“We asked them if they had friends or family with them and when they said they were all alone, we offered to be their witnesses,” commented Mr. Bean in an article in the Antigua Chronicle. “They were so thrilled, but we felt honoured to be able to do this for them.”

“That’s exactly how it happened,” McGregor told The Leader

“We were so excited about the positive and good times ahead of us, when our day came, to be joined by them, just made it even better,” said McGregor. “They were sincerely excited to be there with us. It was like the cherry on top of an already beautifully decorated cake.”

“The icing on the wedding cake,” said Burn.

“The wedding without them, was already a dream come true, but with them, it was even better,” said McGregor.

“We got to know Alley and Orson and they are absolutely kind, sincere people,” said McGregor. “We didn’t talk about celebrity things, we talked about our real lives.” 

“They were such awesome friends, real down to earth and honest people,” said Burn. “Whenever we crossed paths, they always took an interest in us.”

“They made a point to find us at our wedding dinner on the beach to offer their best wishes, and Alley even came to see us off the day we left,” said McGregor.

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