Looking for Forever Homes

We currently have six dogs at the South Dundas Animal Shelter, including four that are ready and really eager to be adopted and two that have just arrived.

Looking for homes are the very handsome, seven year old, white German Shepherd that recently lost his best friend with whom he had lived since he was a puppy. The Shepherd, aptly named Casper, continues to recover from his sad loss and would benefit tremendously if he were adopted by a kind and loving family. He is lonely and used to companionship. ADOPTED!!! (February 15).
Our second beauty looking for a home is a large Hound Mix, a popular favourite at the Shelter who is constantly overlooking, we think, simply because he is a hound. We are unsure of what he is mixed with but this guy is a wonderful, obedient dog and is often allowed off leash to follow shelter personnel. He has a quiet disposition, likes to learn and always comes when called. He is the one dog that waits calmly for his treat when volunteers visit the kennels. We do so wish that this beautiful guy could find a forever loving home where he would make a marvellous pet. We do not feel that he is hunting material which we figure might be why he ended up at the shelter last fall.
A third dog is a Husky mix that arrived a couple of weeks ago. He has one beautiful blue eye and one beautiful brown eye. He is small for his breed and is in need of some training, but appears healthy and is quite friendly.
The fourth dog looking for a forever home is an American Bulldog. This is a special needs dog that would not be suitable for a family with children. She is very protective.
Our two new arrivals will hopefully be ready for adoption next week.
This past week, we happily said goodbye to our beautiful yellow lab mix fellow.
The Shelter continues to need dog supplies and food donations to help out with the wonderful animals unfortunate enough to find themselves lost or abandoned. Donations can be dropped off at the Morrisburg Animal Hospital…and cash donations can be made to the municipality of South Dundas. All cheques should be made out to the municipality and clearly marked for the "Animal Shelter". The donations are used to help with the purchase of food after the municipality releases the dogs into Kevin Casselman's  care.
It is then Casselman and a small committee of volunteers who set to work to find homes for the dogs.
If you are interested in adopting any of the above dogs…you can call Kevin Casselman at 613-543-2980. Appointments can be made to meet these dogs or any others at the shelter.

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