Dogs Looking for Forever Loving Homes


Dogs Looking for forever homes…

The South Dundas Animal Shelter is operated by Kevin Casselman who is contracted to work with the Municipality of South Dundas and a number of other neighbouring municipalities. Currently the Shelter is extremely crowded with 12 dogs now receiving help. And indeed, it is your help they need…under circumstances they don’t understand.

In addition, any owner who sees their dog featured in  a "Looking for Forever Homes" column, can always come forward and reclaim their loved one. Just last week, we were prepared to show two dogs, whose owner had been searching (by car) for days and who had finally contacted the shelter…you can imagine the reunion. And while dogs wearing their tags can usually be hooked back up with their owners, we also understand that in the rural areas, dogs often don’t wear their collars. Sometimes they even pull lose of their collars when tied up.


The dogs are the responsibility of the municipality for four days, after which they are signed over to Casselman who, with the help of some locals, tries to find these beautiful creatures, permanent, loving homes.

There are no adoption fees, although a cash donation or dog food donation, both determined by the dog’s size and length of stay, are expected.

Casselman does his best to determine the age and temperament of the dogs and only allows them to be adopted when he feels they are over their trauma and ready to join loving families.


The following are six of the 12 dogs currently up for adoption. Other dogs not featured can be seen by contacting Casselman at 613-543-2980.


Donations can also be made to the shelter in the way of cash or dog supplies (food, bedding, toys etc) and can be dropped off at the Animal Hospital in Morrisburg.

Dog #1–Dog number one is a Bull Mastiff, and so a good sized dog. He is one of the calmest dogs currently at the shelter and is a beautiful rich tan colour. He is house trained and appears to like children and other dogs. He is so looking for a family to love him and can be expected to give a lot of loving back. He is like a big loving teddy bear.  Adopted Sunday, January 20.!!!


Dog #2–Dog number two is a special needs purebred American Bulldog. This four-year-old female is house trained, and very protective. She has some special issues that will need to be addressed and anyone interested in her adoption should call and discuss the issues with Kevin. A confident, social and active dog, the American Bulldog should be socialized early with children and they tend not to be sociable with other dogs. Please contact Kevin to help determine what he has seen of this dog’s nature.


Dog #3–Dog number three is thought to be a Shepherd mix…perhaps with some Husky. How this dog ended up at the shelter is everyone’s guess. It is a beautiful brown/red and tan color with white markings. A male, it is about two years old and has been neutered. He is house trained, good with children and so very friendly that he would make a loving addition to any family home.


Dog #4–Dog number four is a charming little puppy which has been at the shelter for a couple of weeks and was featured last week. It is quite surprising that this female puppy with the adorable spotted feet has not been adopted. She appears to be a lab-shepherd mix and is now about six months old, so she is ready to be trained to fit into any family setting. She was so very excited to have her photo taken and so very excited to play with the photographers that it was unsettling as to how much love she has to give and how this wee young puppy has found herself in such an unfortunatepredicament.  She was found in the Moose Creek area.  Adopted Sunday, January20


Dog #5–Dog number five was also featured last week and has been at the Shelter for a couple of weeks. It is always a concern when a older dog is rescued, but time and again, they have gone out for adoption and their new families report back the wonderful out-pouring of love they received for these poor sad animals who suffer so from being removed from longtime homes. This dog is a beautiful female, shepherd mix (4-5 years old, so really not that old). She was rescued in the Dundela area. She is very calm, very friends and house-trained.


This is a public service column provide by The Leader. The Leader accepts no responsibility for the dogs or the adoption process.

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