Casita Gingerbread for Brody


Marilyn Boissonneault says she wanted to make a gingerbread house this year, she just didn’t know who to make it for.

Last Christmas, Boissonneault lovingly created a gingerbread house for her dear friend Carol Froats, who passed away this past June.

“Carol loved Christmas,” explained Boissonneault last Wednesday as she and husband Jim prepared this year’s house for transport. “Carol loved the holiday so much that it took her an entire week to decorate her house. Even last year, when she was so sick, she did the best that she could.”

“Last year, I decided to make her a gingerbread house. She had never had one before. When we dismantled it together, Carol removed the little plastic burro and dog and handed them back to me for ‘next year’s house’.”

“I wanted to do another one so much this year. I just didn’t know who to do it for. So I talked to Carol Richer at the Christmas Exchange, and she came up with the perfect idea.”

“Carol told me about this young lad at CHEO. When I asked her what the family’s name was and she said ‘Froats’, I thought I had been given a push.”

With loving care and in memory of her dear friend Carol, Marilyn went to work on this year’s creation for Brody Froats and all the children at CHEO this holiday season.

Marilyn explained to Brody’s grandparents, Carl and Gail Robinson, and little brother Brett, who arrived for pickup on Wednesday, December 19, that her gingerbread houses aren’t the frilly traditional style.

“My gingerbread houses are styled after the southwestern style Adobe Casita. It is furnished and you can take its roof off and look inside,” Marilyn told Brett.

Caramel candies, icing, gingerbread…the Adobe Casita destined for Brody at CHEO is entirely edible, except of course for the tiny burro and dog that graced Carol’s Casita last Christmas and were now at home in Brody’s gingerbread Casita.

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