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Morrisburg Pentecostal 180 Youth Group, an organization which welcomes youth from grades three to twelve to join them for fun and fellowship Friday nights, has taken on a project to help youth in a rural Tanzania raise enough funds to dig a well that will change their lives.

They leaned about the Tanzania project at a youth convention and since that time have been collecting pennies for the cause. 

They decided on collecting pennies after they heard that our government was no longer going to produce pennies. They explained that they thought maybe this community in Tanzania could turn something that we no longer see as important to us into something very important to them. 

The group, which consists of about 30 local youth, have already gathered up their own pennies. Project leader Rose Wickwire and youth leader Nicole Hummell are proud of the efforts of the group members and now they are turning to the community to support them in their efforts.

“Now we are reaching out to the community to help us help the children of Tanzania have fresh water like you,” said Wickwire.

September 21, the group will be at Canadian Tire, Giant Tiger and the Ultramar Gas Bar from 11 a.m to 2 p.m. asking people to donate their pennies, or any spare change, to the cause.

They also plan to hold a spaghetti dinner to raise funds.

Morrisburg Pentecostal 180 Youth Group has for a number of years been open to youth from grades nine to twelve, but recently opened its doors to include all youth from grade three and up. 

They meet Friday nights at Morrisburg Pentecostal Church located along Lakeshore Drive. The meetings open with worship then they break into smaller similar aged groups for different curriculums, games and activities. Once a month they go to the gym at the local school. Anyone is welcome to join at any time. Simply come by any Friday night at 7 p.m sign the paperwork and join the group.

The group is called 180 because, 180 represents turning away from something to head in a different direction. “Here we are turning to things that honour God,” said Wickwire.” 

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