Speaking out against the rebuilding of Dunbar Hall


This is a topic that is just not going to die down or go away. This re-building of the Dunbar Community Center is total nonsense. 

Sure, it may have been used as a polling station for all elections. Is this the only building in 50 square miles that could be used?  Or are we going to spend $210,000 for a new polling station? I could see that way of thinking for a politician. Why not build a Taj Mahal of polling stations!

Now, who is this “Staff” that allowed the politicians to make a choice? Mr. Byvelds, this word “Staff” is used many times in your interview with the Chesterville Record. Who are they, and how many are there? 

You received a petition from the residents of Dunbar. How many signatures on this petition were there and were they verified as you did with the drainage problem? 

Shouldn’t the whole township of South Dundas have a say where our money goes?

The rest of this township has not given you carte blanche to let the politicians to do what they think is best for us!!

Look what has happened to Ontario since McGuinty had his own way. I guess we were the “Staff” and told him to do what is best for us!

This council is having trouble managing the assets that we do have, let alone re-building some more. And if you are looking at re-sale after it is built, what cloud was your head in at that time. 

Believe it or not, there is a recession going on and what business would be looking at the town of Dunbar to re-locate. Perhaps the slaughter house (oh sorry, Abattoir) will expand?  

If we are a “community of communities” as you say, where is Morrisburg’s community center since it was taken away?

But I have to say kudos to the council!! 

As of this date, July 25th, 2012, I hear that they are going to be paving the corner of Laurier Dr. and County Road #2. Somebody must have been listening (or reading). But this has taken a few years to just get this done. 

So now we know how long it will take to get our dock done.  Maybe all we have to do is cover the dock and call it a new polling station. This will ensure the upgrades are done to make it safe for all voters (and boaters).


Gregg Foss


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