South Dundas covers its asset


One of the big discussions at the July 17 South Dundas council meeting was whether or not to cover the upgraded Iroquois waste water treatment plant (IWWTP).

The decision to cover the plant seemed easy, while deciding what to cover it with created a bit more discussion.

With almost one million dollars left in the IWWTP project, covering the tanks became an option and the benefits of covering the tanks were outlined. 

Benefits include such things as odour control, protection of tanks from the weather, easier and safer access to tanks by operators, and aesthetics.

While it was agreed that an actual building would be the most aesthetically  pleasing, it was also the most expensive option up front and in terms of ongoing costs.

Out of six options listed, council agreed on option two, the Fibre Reinforced Plastic SBR ‘walk in type’ Cover. This option costs approximately half of what it would cost to erect an actual concrete building, but still allows for all the benefits of a building.

In making the decision, mayor Steven Byvelds reminded council that they had to take into account what the people of Iroquois would most want: an expensive building covering the waste water treatment plant or sewer work to be done on the Iroquois streets identified as low priority in the recent sewer study.

It was generally agreed that part of the money should be spent protecting the new tanks and part should be kept back for use on the rehabilitation of the sewer system in Iroquois.

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