Township applies for funding for ‘old high school’ project


“There’s going to be lots of competition,” said South Dundas chief administrative officer Stephen McDonald with respect to the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund recently advertised by the federal government.

McDonald requested and received council’s endorsement of a township application for funding to assist with the rehabilitation of the old high school in Morrisburg.

Although there may be other projects in the township eligible for funding, McDonald believes the Morrisburg project is the best option to pursue.

The rehabilitation of the old high school meets several project criteria outlined in the application guidelines, increasing the township’s odds of success.

The project includes work being done on an existing building that will be open to the public. When completed, the old high school will be home to township and council offices, the clinic and the library.

As councillor Evonne Delegarde pointed out, “the building would serve everyone in our township as well as visitors and tourists.”

Guidelines for the application clearly state that priority will be given to applicants looking for only 33.3 percent coverage and, with this in mind, McDonald reported that the township has requested just one-third coverage of the project cost up to a maximum of one million dollars.

According to the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund information package, the application deadline is August 24th, following which “FedDev Ontario will review all applications.”

“It is the intention of FedDev Ontario to have contribution agreements put in place quickly and efficiently so that available funds can flow to projects as soon as possible.”

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