Finger docks in Morrisburg courtesy of the Lions Club


The Morrisburg and District Lions Club has offered to purchase and install portable finger docks at the Morrisburg Waterfront, east of the Docksyde, and the Township of South Dundas has accepted.

Morrisburg Waterfront Committee chair Doug Grenkie made the offer in a letter written to the township on July 11th.

Several questions arose in relation to the offer, which was addressed at the July 17th South Dundas council meeting. Council inquired as to who would be responsible for acquiring permits, for instance. 

In addition, council wanted to know if the Lions Club planned to take responsibility for installing the docks and then removing them at the end of the season. They also wondered about storage of the docks during the winter months.

As there were no representatives from the Morrisburg Waterfront Committee or the Morrisburg and District Lions Club, staff agreed to look into council’s concerns following the meeting.

Realizing the importance of having some sort of dock arrangement at the Morrisburg Waterfront this season, it was agreed that staff would “reconvene council for a brief session” should the need arise.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting is August 14th.

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