Rural roads and ditches are not dumping zones


“It would be nice if people would just be a little considerate,” said South Dundas councillor Archie Mellan.

He was referring to the recent unsightly dumping of a toilet and sink in the middle of a rural road in Hulbert, just in front of the Hulbert-Valley United Church.

Dumping along rural roads is one of Mellan’s pet peeves and an issue that he says is plaguing neighbouring townships as well.

Mellan, who had lobbied for dumping options for both tires and, eventually, electronic waste at both South Dundas landfills, was admittedly “frustrated” by the unauthorized dumping. 

“Spring is usually the worst time,” he said. “It’s the bigger stuff that gets thrown off on some of these side roads.”

Among some of the worst side roads “hit” in South Dundas, according to Mellan, are Waddell Road, Nine Mile Road and Fulton Road.

He said that people have thrown tires, televisions, refrigerators and bags of garbage into ditches, into people’s fields and even into some of the creeks and ponds. 

While the township does have a by-law against unauthorized dumping and littering, Mellan said it’s hard to enforce.

“Fortunately, we do have people out there who take pride in their community,” he continued. “We have people in the township who will go along and pick up garbage a couple of times a year.”

“If you didn’t have conscientious people like that it wouldn’t be long before you’re driving along and all you see is garbage.”

He pointed toward people coming into South Dundas who are considering buying homes and settling here and he said, “you don’t want that first impression to be of garbage in the ditches.”

“It’s just a frustrating thing,” he continued, “and the toilet just sent me over the edge.”

“Have a little more respect and a little more decency,” he pleaded. “It’s unfair to the people who try to keep their properties and roads cleaned up.”

Mellan pointed out that this issue is “a combination of things.” It isn’t just about dumping large items on purpose, but also about throwing things like cups and wrappers out of car windows.

In the case of the toilet and sink, Mellan believes the items weren’t dumped on purpose, but rather fell off an unsecured load. Unfortunately, the owners did not return to claim or clean up the mess.

So, in addition to not using rural roads and ditches as dumping zones, Mellan would also like to ask that people “secure your loads and don’t throw your stuff out the windows.”

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