It’s out with the old and in with the new


At the June 26th South Dundas council meeting, manager of public works Hugh Garlough made three presentations asking for permission to purchase some items and sell some items.

First on the docket was the request to purchase a single axle salter snow plow from Tallman Truck Centre in the amount of $171,703.09 plus HST.

According to Garlough, “this is a new 2013 model truck” and it is fully equipped.

As part of the request, Garlough explained that the new truck is over budget by $14,725.18 and he was, therefore, requesting approval for an increase to the 2012 budget allotment for the item. The extra money, he said, would come from the Fleet Replacement Reserve.

Up next, Garlough requested permission to purchase a backhoe loader from Nortrax in the amount of $82,650 plus HST.

This item came in under the budgeted amount of $100,000.

Tenders for both items were advertised in local newspapers as well as on the South Dundas website.

Following the approval of the new purchases, the question became what to do with the old truck and backhoe, which Garlough explained, are now surplus. He recommended that council approve the sale of the surplus items at Rideau Auctions in Winchester.

The surplus items for sale will include a 1993 IHC single axle snow plow salter and a 1994 backhoe loader. Proceeds from the sales will go to the Sale of Asset Reserve Fund.

All requests were approved, although not quite unanimously. Deputy-mayor Jim Locke, who hadn’t been on board with a new backhoe loader during budget talks, asked, “Did we decide on the backhoe?”

“Yes,” replied mayor Steven Byvelds, “you lost on that one.” 

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