An appetizer for Iroquois Public School breakfast program


The Moonlight Chapter #224 of the Eastern Star in Iroquois has a few things left on its to do list before it amalgamates with Prescott and last Thursday it took care of one of them with a donation to the Breakfast Program at Iroquois Public School.

Represented by Worthy Matron Gay Rust and Associate Matron Ruth Robertson, the Moonlight Chapter #224 dropped off a $400 donation to the school’s breakfast program which is organized by school secretary Phyllis Fisher and EA Christa St. Pierre. 

It is unfortunate, but “the Iroquois Chapter of the Eastern Star is closing, and we are consolidating with the Violet Chapter in Prescott,” explained Associate Matron, Ruth Robertson. 

“We have retired as a chapter and our consolidation will happen in July,” added Worthy Matron Gay Rust explaining that while the Iroquois chapter has a good sized membership, many of the members are elderly and unable to take an active role. 

As a result of their consolidation with Prescott, the Moonlight Chapter has found itself in a position of having some extra money. 

“We had a chance to give money, and I said let’s keep it here in Iroquois,” said Rust of the $400 to the school’s breakfast program. “Ruth thought that was a wonderful idea, so this is another good note that we are ending on.” 

Fisher and St. Pierre were extremely appreciative of the donation. “When I started the program several years ago, I didn’t want to single out any child,” said Fisher. “So every child has the availability of the food.” 

That means the program provides a nutritious starter to 270 kids daily.

“When I come in, I can see that the kids love it,” said Robertson, a retired Iroquois Public School teacher. “They love the veggies and dip. Some days they have fruit. It’s a lot of work, but it’s healthy and the kids like it.”

Iroquois Public School principal Kelty Grant also thanked the Moonlight chapter. Donations are welcome additions to the ministry funded Breakfast Program she said. 

Each year, in cooperation with the Friendly Brothers Iroquois Mason Lodge #143, the Eastern Star Chapter in Iroquois has been involved with ‘special projects’ selected by their Worthy Matron. This past April the Chapter donated $500 each to the Dundas County Hospice, the Winchester Hospital Heelers and the Mason Lodge #143 in memory of Master Mason Gary Richards.

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