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Who will save the South Dundas murals? At this point, three of the murals, all in Morrisburg, are at the end of their lifespan. The Township of South Dundas is responsible for either taking them down and refinishing the walls beneath OR making a fresh start and hiring someone to redo them.

From what I’ve heard so far, the second option doesn’t appear to be under consideration. Rather, it would appear that hope has been laid at the feet of residents who might consider stepping forward as ‘champions’… which, as I already said, has not yet happened and may not happen at all. Let’s face it, not everyone has $10,000 and change lying around for donation toward commissioning a replacement mural. (I’m lucky when I have $10 lying around that hasn’t already been spoken for…!)

Getting down to the ‘nitty gritty’… Why is saving the South Dundas murals important? Because they’re unique and they’re beautiful. They each depict a different part of the history of South Dundas. They generate interest from outsiders… perhaps even draw people into our township. I think they’re an asset to each of our communities within South Dundas and, as such, should be funded by and cared for by… our township. 

As for where the money would come from in the South Dundas budget… I don’t know, but I’m certain that it’s doable. These murals showcase our township… the beauty that surrounds South Dundas… the history… the story. Perhaps the budget for economic development should be raised to encompass the murals… for the probability that they serve to entice visitors to our area… visitors who shop here, eat here, stay here for the night… or for visitors who may decide to put down roots and set up shop in South Dundas.

Adding to that thought, should someone with power… council maybe… decide that murals are to remain in South Dundas indefinitely, perhaps there is an argument to be made for regular maintenance and upkeep, to preserve these murals for as long as possible. 

And, if I haven’t gone too far already, might I make another suggestion… why not add more murals? Not too many, just a few… maybe some with scenes from our recent history. (FYI: I hope to never see any murals with wind turbines in them!)   S. C.

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